Cyborg Confirmed As Third Motherbox In ‘Justice League’

In Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, we were briefly introduced to the motherboxes, three devices that will be important to the DCEU’s overarching mythology, and which Justice League villain Steppenwolf is after, in service of the even bigger threat in this universe, Darkseid.

All three of these MacGuffins are already scattered across the Earth: one is with the Amazons, one with the Atlanteans and one with humankind. Well, it seems we just got confirmation on the exact location of one of those and who holds it (although it was pretty apparent if you know your comic book history).

In the latest issue of Total Film, it is confirmed that the third motherbox, the one designated for man, is what we saw Victor Stone’s father use to save his son’s life, thus turning him into Cyborg. Essentially, Cyborg is mankind’s motherbox, which makes him a crucial part of the story of the upcoming Justice League film.

In the BVS sequence where Wonder Woman was checking her email, we saw footage of Dr. Silas Stone in S.T.A.R. Labs trying to find a way to save his son Victor’s life after a terrible accident. With no other options, he resorts to using a mysterious device labeled “U.S. Gov Object 6-19-82,” which comes to life and begins repairing what’s left of Victor’s damaged body.

I’ve heard a lot of people make fun of this particular scene, saying it looked a little hokey or cheesy, but if I’m being honest this is the only one of the future Justice Leaguer cameos that played out exactly how I imagined it would going into the film. To hear people’s complaints, it just seemed to me that they had no idea just who Cyborg really was before this film.

Justice League hits theaters November 17, 2017.

Source: Total Film (via Reddit)