Daniel Craig’s New Showtime Series ‘Purity’ Would Not Conflict With Another ‘Bond’ Film

bondThe rumor mill has been hot for months with different names being tossed into the air as to who should follow Daniel Craig as the world’s greatest spy: Bond, James Bond. We haven’t heard one way or another if Craig is for sure making a return as Bond or not, but the actor is starring in a new series on Showtime, Purity, making fans question if he will not be coming back solely due to scheduling conflicts.

According to David Nevins, CEO of Showtime, Craig’s new show won’t actually be in the way if he decides he does want to go another round as Bond. Nevins spoke at the TCA on Thursday, and explained how the scheduling for Purity would work and assure fans it would not interfere with another potential Bond movie.

“It depends when they do the next James Bond movie, but I don’t’ think it precludes him is the answer. This will largely be completed in during the course of 2017, depending how long they’re willing to wait and shoot the next Bond. There might be some breaks some where, but (production) will be fairly continuous.”

Craig still has a chance to come back as Bond one more time, so don’t count him out just yet. We know for sure he logistically can do it – but does he have the desire? Only time will tell.

Source: Deadline

Josh Behr

Josh Behr

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