New Logic Music Video Features References To ‘The Dark Knight’

Justice League Dark Knight

The music video for Logic’s music video, which debuted last week, is for the song “Everybody Dies” and it features some a couple of awesome, subtle references to The Dark Knight. 

Ten years after The Dark Knight hit theaters, the film is still relevant among today’s superhero films just as it was back then. The Dark Knight‘s influence can even be seen in today’s media such as a recent music video from rapper Logic. The music video for his song “Everybody Dies” is sprinkled with a couple of references to the iconic Batman adventure directed by Christopher Nolan, but one, in particular, is made prominent throughout the duration of the video.

The video for “Everybody Dies” takes place in a large open room with bright lights on the ceiling. It may sound simple enough, but in the video, the room bears a resemblance to Bruce Wayne’s underground storage area seen in the film. It’s the area he uses after Wayne Manor’s destruction in Batman Begins, working as a makeshift Batcave in the meantime. The other reference in the song is a direct nod to The Dark Knight Rises in the form of the line “Had a lot of dark knights, but b*tch, I been bane.” Check out the awesome full video here.

The Dark Knight has also been referenced quite a bit recently thanks to set photos and video from the new DC film Joker. The origin film for the iconic DC villain stars Joaquin Phoenix in the titular role and many fans have likened the appearance and demeanor of his Joker to that of Heath Ledger’s, a performance that earned Ledger an Academy Award posthumously.

We’ll be sure to keep you updated on all news regarding the DC film franchise as more information becomes available. What’s your favorite moment from Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy? Do you think the trilogy holds up today? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: Youtube