‘Darth Maul’ Cancelled Video Game Concept Art Revealed

Darth Maul
One of the casualties of the merging of Lucasfilm and Disney was LucasArts, and all the projects on its slate, including a once promising Darth Maul origin video game which would have focused on the early years of the character being trained as a Sith Lord by the Emperor, and follow him through the years all the way up to The Phantom Menace story line.

While very little was known about the project, the bits of gameplay shown, prototypes and the concept itself was enough to get fans excited, and then upset once the cancellation was announced, and despite some rumors about it finding a way to finally get made, the chances do not look so good. Still it’s cool to imagine a game where you can play as Darth Maul, and more so looking at these recently released concept art images courtesy of Game Informer.

Darth Maul GameDarth Maul GameDarth Maul GameDarth Maul GameDarth Maul Game

Pretty amazing stuff. You can look at the complete gallery here.

What’s really interesting to me about these is the fact that Maul’s torso and legs look mechanic, unlike the gameplay videos that we saw in the past. Does this mean that the game could have also included a story line after the phantom menace? If so, do you think there is still a possibility of it getting made considering the success of Star Wars: The Clone Wars TV show?

Source: Game Informer