David Ayer Discusses Possible ‘Suicide Squad’ Sequel

During the New York world premiere of Suicide Squad last night, David Ayer discussed the possibility of making a sequel to the film. Amidst the mixed reviews only managing slightly better than Batman V Superman’s, it’s unclear whether a sequel would be in the books or if box office results will have to dictate that. Regardless, Ayer had fun discussing the possibility.

“I was kind of hoping I was rid of them all,” Ayer said jokingly. “Look, anything’s possible,” the director told us. “Right now I have to see if the movie connects with the fans. Who knows? You never know. I made it for the fans, and am a fan myself. But before I put my head back on the chopping block, there are some questions to settle.”

Ayer, like Snyder before him is far more concerned with the fan reception rather than critical reception of the film. And so far, fan sites seem to have really liked the movie. We’ll all find out whether Suicide Squad performs well enough to spawn a sequel this weekend, but in the meantime what would you want in a sequel? Any new characters you want added to the team? Discuss your thoughts in the comments down below!

Source: Comicbook.com

Leon Brill

Leon Brill

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