David Ayer Shares His Thoughts On ‘Batman v Superman’

It is pretty clear that Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice didn’t achieve the success that Warner Bros. and DC hoped it would attain. Granted, the film was still a financial juggernaut, having earned over $872 million in its worldwide culmination, but the studio hoped that this film would have easily crossed the $1 billion mark had the theatrical cut been stronger and/or had positive buzz from critics and audiences alike.

Personally, I was underwhelmed with Batman v Superman – at least with its original theatrical release. I felt that visually, director Zack Snyder soars to unprecedented heights, but felt that the film was poorly put together on an editing standpoint, making the film’s narrative almost incoherent. Thankfully, my tune changed a bit when I saw the Ultimate Edition which added 30 minutes to the film, further enriching the story to something that was actually quite compelling to watch.

Despite the mixed-to-negative response to the film, Suicide Squad director David Ayer sang the film’s praises. In an interview with JoBlo, Ayer discusses his thoughts on Batman v Superman, and even hints about where he feels Snyder is taking the film’s response with Justice League. 

I liked it a lot. I love Zack. He is probably the biggest fan of DC Comics. He has an incredible passion in a very specific way, a specific take on it. He’s a smart guy, and I think he heard everybody, he heard them loud and clear, and you grow and you evolve. I thought it was a stunning movie, absolutely stunning. I wish I could get some of those shots in the can. The guy’s an amazing visualist.

Now granted, this is a director who is working within the same studio and DC Extended Universe as his counterpart, but it’s always nice to hear fellow filmmakers having each other’s backs. And I think that even the harshest critics of the film should agree with Ayer’s sentiments that Snyder is a gifted visual filmmaker.

Suicide Squad hits theaters this Friday, August 5.

Source: JoBlo

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