David Ayer Discusses ‘Suicide Squad’ Ending & Mid-Credit Scene; Comments On Potential Sequel

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Here’s your one warning that if you haven’t seen the film by now, there are definitely spoilers below. So, if you haven’t seen Suicide Squad yet, you might want to turn back. While the film received a mixed response from critics, Suicide Squad has received a much more positive response from fans and crushed box office records this past weekend. Even those that didn’t really dig the film did seem to enjoy the characters as well as one particular scene that occured during the film’s credits sequence which featured an encounter between Amanda Waller and Bruce Wayne. Speaking with Collider, director David Ayer commented on what it was like shooting that mid-credit scene, a first for any DC theatrical release, which he told the outlet was “always in the original script” for the film.

It’s two type A powerful people going at it which is great drama, it doesn’t get better than that. That was a lot of fun to shoot, Ben’s a ridiculously talented actor and Viola [Davis], forget it, she has insane depth and range; and so being able to direct the two of them that’s what I loved, that’s why I’m in this business, it’s scenes like that, that was a true pleasure.

As for the film’s ending, the director revealed that was one of the first things that they shot during the film’s first week of prinicipal photography before commenting on the choice to end on that moment.

I don’t want to give stuff away but it’s that anything is possible, and that’s the thing, for as much control and commend Amanda Waller has over these guys, at the end of the day they’re supervillains and they’re gonna do supervillain stuff. Plus, the Joker/Harley relationship just seemed like the right button for the movie, it opens so many doors if another one of these were ever to turn up under a rock somewhere.

In regards to a potential sequel, Ayer says that “there may be a cocktail napkin with some scribbles on it somewhere, I don’t know [Laughs].” What did you think about the ending to Suicide Squad? The mid-credit scene? Would you like to see Ayer back in the director’s chair for a sequel? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

Source: Collider

Shawn Madden

Shawn Madden

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  • razorstar90

    For the love of God WB if you are going to make a sequel, FIND A NEW DIRECTOR. We get it, we’re stuck with Snyder for 1 more movie (that means the film is DOA in November 2017) but we don’t have to be saddled with Ayer after the Suicide Squad diabolical.

    WB needs to hire fan/critical favorite directors. How about Edger Wright. Everyone LOVES him. You need to do damage control by hiring talent the critics and the fans like.

    • 12stepCornelius

      What they actually need to do is let the already great directors they have on staff, like David Ayer, make the movies they intend to make instead of butchering them in the editing room like BvS and now Suicide Squad.

      • razorstar90

        Nah David Ayer got to go. Suicide Squad is a critical debacle. His aesthetic choices didn’t work Why in gods name would you keep him around after this stinker. Fol

        You have to bring new blood. No second chances. Marvel didn’t give that Alan Taylor second chance after Thor 2 fell flat, DC got to do the same thing. You can’t bring back the same creative talent and expect things to change

        Fool you once, shame on you fool me twice shame on me.

        • Peter James

          I love the fact that you’re giving Marvel as an example of a studio that doesn’t give second chances to directors they can’t work with, when, on the other hand, you’re suggesting as a replacement for David Ayer (or, as an example of the type of directors they should hire)………..a director that ……….
          …..Marvel couldn’t work with and cut loose..

          Brilliant logic.

          • Maximillian Pegasus

            Edgar Wright for Shazam.

          • SAMURAI36

            Yeah, I think it would be a crime for WB not to scoop up Wright. Plus, it would be a HUGE blow to Marvel, as that would be the 2nd failed director from Marvel to defect to DC.

        • Athena007

          Mmmmmm .. the smell of Marveltards in the morning!

          • Royal Rican Prince


          • SAMURAI36

            Best post in the past 24 hours.

    • Peter James

      “WB needs to hire fan/critical favorite directors. How about Edger Wright. Everyone LOVES him.”

      You mean the guy who couldn’t work with the studio that actually knows it’s stuff and how to make these sorts of things?

      Yeah, that’ll work.

      Some times the studios know this business of showbusiness better than YOU – armchair warrior – do.

      • SAMURAI36

        In fairness, that’s more of a diss to Marvel, than it is to Wright. But I agree with you otherwise.

    • Larry Lloyd Jr.

      I don’t think the directors are the problem, The ultimate cut which should be called Snyder’s cut of BVS was Awesome, WB is the one that made him cut 30mins out of the movie. And it was WB that only gave the writer of Suicide Squad only 6 weeks to write the script. I love the first 80% of Suicide Squad then the last bit was just ok… I think that is where they started rushing it. The directing I think was spot on in both for the individual scenes and its the editing that is the problem. And it sounds like that is WB dictating the run time instead of letting the story dictate the run time…. they need to let the creative people do their thing and WB just needs to stick to the paperwork side

    • SAMURAI36

      Marvel didn’t love Wright.
      And there’s nothing wrong with Ayer, whatsoever. He delivered a GREAT film. I’d love for him to return, & he most likely will.
      You can feel free to pout about it, though.

  • Larry Lloyd Jr.

    I liked the mid-credits scene but think it would have played better and made more sense if it was Batman and Waller instead of Bruce and Waller…. I hate in these superhero movies when they give away the secret ids too much.

    • SAMURAI36

      Meh, I don’t mind it. Waller knew Bruce’s ID in the comics as well. And in every other medium, for that matter.