David Fincher On His Hopes For The ‘World War Z’ Sequel

Director David Fincher has provided an update on the 'World War Z' sequel and shared his hopes for the upcoming project while discussing his recent works.

David Fincher

After the financially successful opening of 2013’s World War Z feature film adaptation – based on the horror novel of the same name by Max Brooks – Paramount Pictures announced plans to move forward with a sequel. However, production on the project initially struggled after director J. A Bayona exited to project to helm the Jurassic World sequel. Fortunately for the project, David Fincher officially signed on to direct the film and now the filmmaker has offered an update on the status of the project while speaking with the Empire Podcast.

David Fincher commented on his hopes for World War Z 2 while discussing his current projects:

“I worked on a show for HBO that didn’t see the light of day and at the same time was doing [Mindhunter], and did [Mindhunter] and I’ve been working for about a year now with Dennis Kelly on World War Z…We’re hoping to get a piece of material that’s a reason to make a movie, not an excuse to make a movie.”

While World War Z was financially successful, critical reception towards the film was mixed with many noting that it was a poor adaptation of original source material. It appears David Fincher may be hoping the team behind the film can craft a story that will merit a more enthusiastic response.

Brad Pitt will return to star in and produce World War Z 2 along with Plan B’s Dede Gardner and Jeremy Kleiner as well as Skydance’s David Ellison. The project is expected to begin production as early as the first quarter of 2018.

World War Z 2 does not currently have a release date. Stay tuned to Heroic Hollywood for the latest news on the film as it develops!

Source: Empire Podcast

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