David Haller Displays Body-Switching Powers In New ‘Legion’ Promo

Legion David Haller

Legion is Marvel and Fox’s first official collaboration, and while it isn’t the universe-merging crossover that many want, it’s pretty great to see the studios working together. Starring Dan Stevens, Legion centers on David Haller, a man diagnosed with an extreme case of schizophrenia and dissociative identity disorder at a young age.

Haller soon realizes that he has powers, and that he may be one of the most powerful mutants in existence. In the comics Haller’s powers are connected to his multiple personalities, and even he doesn’t know how many personalities and abilities he possesses. One of his many, many powers is body-switching, meaning he can switch bodies with another person through something as simple as physical contact.

A new promo, released by FX, showcases Haller’s body-switching powers. The Legion promo sees David Haller kissing a blonde woman, and the two switching bodies but not minds. We saw him using this power briefly in the first trailer Marvel released a while ago, but this new TV promo is all about it.

I’ve got to say, I’m very interested in this show. The idea of a powerful mutant with unlimited powers, all tied to personalities that he can’t control, is very interesting. He’s essentially a godlike being, but he can’t tap into his power the way he should be able to. I’ve always been interested in the character in the comics, but never knew much about him, perhaps this show will change that.

For those wondering, Legion is in fact connected to the X-Men cinematic universe. Bryan Singer, producer and writer of several films in the X-Men franchise, confirmed that the show would take place in the same universe as the films. Interestingly enough, David Haller is actually the son of Professor Charles Xavier in the comics. With Legion being in the same universe, maybe we’ll get a family reunion?

Check out the video below. Legion premieres on FX sometime in early 2017.


Source: Screen Rant


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