Batman Is Officially An Atheist, Confirms DC Comics

Batman DC Comics

Batman used to believe in God, but he doesn’t anymore. CAUTION: Spoilers for DC Comics Batman issue #53 ahead.

The Caped Crusader has had a “loose” relationship with religion over the years. He’s swayed towards and away from the light from run to run, but in the most recent issue of DC Comics’ Batman (Batman #53), written by Tom King with art by Lee Weeks, it looks like the Caped Crusader has given up on God once again.

The current run of Batman has Bats hanging up his cape and cowl for a suit and tie and sit on the jury in the Mr. Freeze trial. He’s part of a deadlocked jury that can’t get one juror to vote the classic Batman villain guilty. That man just so happens to be Bruce Wayne. Not because he doesn’t think that Freeze is innocent, but because he knows that he (Batman) went too far when apprehending him and that the arrest wasn’t legal because of his use of excessive force. But Bruce has been dealing with a lot lately. Most recently, being left at the alter by Selina Kyle (Catwoman) after we all spent the last few runs waiting for the most anticipated wedding since a prince married an actress.

While he’s away, Dick Grayson is dawning the Batman mantle to protect Gotham City during Batman’s absence. But will his absence be indefinite or until the end of the trial when his conscience can be cleared? We’ll have to wait and see.

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Source: ScreenRant