DC To Expand Walmart Exclusive Comics Line With Flash & Swamp Thing

The Flash DC Comics Walmart Swamp Thing

DC and Walmart are taking their relationship to the next level by expanding their Walmart exclusive, “100 Page Giant” line of books with character such as The Flash and Swamp Thing.

DC has been releasing Walmart exclusive, “giant-sized” 100 page comics for the past few months to critical success. Ever since 2016’s Rebirth publishing initiative, the comics collective that isn’t Marvel have been killing it in the comic shops. Whether it’s Tom King’s character defining run on Batman, Peter Tomasi’s rehabilitation of Superman, or the excitement of Geoff Johns ushering in the Watchmen to the DC Universe proper – there’s a poverty of riches on the DC publishing slate. And capitalizing on their revival, DC partnered with Walmart to release exclusive comics in the hopes of reaching an even broader audience.

The results have been excellent. Spearheading the line is Brian Michael Bendis’ Batman series. That drove comic fans to find their nearest Walmart. From there, the line expanded to include Teen Titans, Superman, and Justice League and released them on a bi-weekly basis. And now, as reported by the Northwest Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, that the line has proven that it can attract a fan base, DC and Walmart are expanding their relationship to include a new Flash series and a Swamp Thing Christmas Special.

Dan DiDio, DC’s head of publishing, told The Hollywood Reporter back in July at the San Diego Comic Con that he hoped that the four initial books released would catch fire and that if they produced enough head, the relationship between the companies would only grow.

“Our hope is to build that out; right now, it’s just four books — if we can expand that up to eight, that’s a big win for us. If we can secure ourselves not just in the 3,000 stores we’re in right now, but with a wider footprint within Walmart, that’s an even bigger win.”

It looks like DiDio got his wish and The Flash and Swamp Thing will be finding their way to a Walmart near you!

Source: Northwest Arkansas Democrat-Gazette , THR


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