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DC Films heads Geoff Johns and Jon Berg discuss the leasons learned from the poor response to Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Suicide Squad.

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Wonder Woman managed to accomplish something that the last two DC Extended Universe movies — Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Suicide Squad — did not: it’s both a critical and a commercial success. Having so far grossed more than $500 million at the worldwide box office with a 92% Rotten Tomatoes score, Wonder Woman’s first cinematic solo outing is a smash hit, with a sequel already in the works.

With the film currently dominating at the box office, DC Films heads Jon Berg and Geoff Johns recently sat down with Variety to discuss what made audiences embrace Wonder Woman in such a way, saying:

Berg: It’s a fun movie. It’s positive and optimistic. The early films may have been too dark in parts.

Johns: Most of the DC Universe is known as being a hopeful and optimistic place. It’s known for characters that are inspirational and aspirational. Anyone who knows and loves the DC Universe knows that a lot of that has to do with its hope and optimism.

When asked about what they learned from the response to Batman v Superman and Suicide Squad, Berg and Johns had the following to say:

Berg: There are lessons from every movie. You would be silly not to analyze how a movie was received — what went right and what went wrong on the making of a movie.

On “Suicide Squad,” the movie did incredibly well commercially. It didn’t work narratively. You had some great casting and some great characterizations, but where the story fell down was on narrative, on plot. We could do better. “Batman v. Superman” was tonally dark. People didn’t respond to that.

Johns: “Wonder Woman” celebrated exactly who the character is, but looking at it, it’s not like we should change everything to be about hope and optimism. There’s nothing to change. That’s what these characters are.

For now, Justice League is the next DC Films production hitting theaters, followed by James Wan’s Aquaman. Both should give us a much better idea about how things are going to move forward from now on in regards to the tone for the movies set within the DC Extended Universe, so we’ll just have to wait and see.

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Source: Variety

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