DC Plans To Use ‘The Question’ In Film Or Television

'Arrowverse' producer Marc Guggenheim reveals that DC has plans to use Vic Saga aka The Question in either film or television.

The Question DC Comics

The Question has become one of the DC Comics characters with a very vocal fan base, largely thanks to animated series like Justice League and Batman: The Brave and the Bold helping to keep him in the public consciousness. While the character is still waiting to make his live-action debut, Arrow producer Marc Guggenheim has revealed that DC is planning to bring The Question to life on-screen at some point.

During an appearance at ACE Comic Con, Guggenheim was asked whether the character of Vic Sage/The Question could show up on Arrow or any of the other Arrowverse shows on The CW and his answer was as follows:

“I always bring him up. I always feel like that character would be a great fit with the tone of Arrow. Again: it’s not our characters, it’s DC’s characters, and they’ve got other plans for The Question…I don’t know what their plans are, but clearly they do have plans – otherwise we’d be using him.”

While it’s possible that DC plans on using The Question in any one of their upcoming slated films, there’s also a chance that he could be introduced in a live-action series that exists outside of the Arrowverse. The possibilities for a television appearance includes Gotham, the upcoming Titans series or perhaps even a series of his own for DC’s digital streaming service? Only time will tell when and where The Question will make his debut.

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Source: ComicBook.com