The DC Extended Universe’s Troubles With Vicious & Misleading Rumors

DCEU Vicious RumorsThe fledgling DC Extended Universe has been doing quite well for Warner Brothers. While most of their DC films haven’t really been critical darlings (with the exception of the glowing and successful Wonder Woman), each one has done well at the box office and allowed WB to continue to build upon this universe. But, with the increase in popularity there is also a massive increase in rumors, and the rumors about the DCEU have escalated to almost ridiculous levels. They seem to come out of nowhere and they always seem to be negative. This vicious cycle of negative rumors has done nothing but bring harm to the DC brand and frustrate the fans.With this harmful energy at the forefront of reports on the DCEU it is a good time to look at why this has been happening.

The first couple of DCEU films have been poorly received from critics. Meanwhile, Marvel hasn’t had a single badly received film. Even their weaker films have good Rotten Tomatoes scores. The DCEU is a newcomer and obviously tension and rivalry can arise from that. With their films not doing well on that front, DC has become an easy target for drama. Anything bad that happens on a DC Films set makes the rumor mill start rolling, and more often than not, these rumors are damaging regardless of their validity.

Recently, some changes have been happening at WB in regards to their DC Films division. The studio’s schedule keeps changing and projects keep appearing and then disappearing at random. When Zack Snyder had to step down from Justice League because of his personal issues, I discussed the vicious attacks towards the director, but this change up has brought a lot of confusion allowing rumors to seep in and cause more damage. There have been extensive reports regarding how much Joss Whedon has contributed to the project leading fans to speculate as to how much the director is reshaping Snyder’s original vision. Warner Bros. has insisted that Justice League will still be a Zack Snyder film, but rumors are saying the pposite. This lack of faith in WB is problematic and the studio’s actions and reactions to the rumors have only further hurt themselves. 

The amount of rumors that have been perpetrated is staggering. Most of them are obvious fakes, but some have been reported by major news sites and blogs. Most of these rumors have been about reshoots, but here’s the thing: every major movie goes through this process. Blockbusters often need extra scenes, pick-up shots or anything of that nature. When Marvel does it, everything’s going as planned. When it comes to DC Films, however, these reshoots are often labeled as signs of trouble. People use this as a claim to say that DC is in dire trouble, but this ridiculous cycle that is not helped by WB’s problem with publicity. It all mixes to give fans far more to fear than they should.

One of the more recent rumors regarding DC had to do with Ben Affleck’s doubtful future as Batman. WB was said to be exploring options to usher out Affleck’s Caped Crusader from the DC Extended Universe, but the actor personally shut down these rumors while promoting Justice League at Comic-Con International in San Diego this past weekend. Of course, this rumor spread like wildfire due to how well Affleck was received in the role in his debut in last year’s Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. But just the thought of Affleck leaving the cape behind is scary. It’s frustrating for the fans to think of the possibility that one of DC’s strongest actors could be let go. Even though Affleck already commented on the matter, the damage has been done, and I have a feeling that rumors like this will keep circulating.

The DCEU will have to face rumors like this for some time. It’s an unfair part of being an underdog. DC’s films will need to have have consistent positive reception to have the pendulum swing back in their favor. The studio’s next two films — this November’s Justice League and 2018’s Aquaman — will determine the brand’s future and hopefully the rumor mill will slow down if not stop entirely. But, the need to attack DC is just part of the problem. Another aspect is that WB needs to do a better job at showing confidence. With a constantly fluctuating schedule, WB’s reactionary attitude is allowing for vicious attackers to come in and be successful at creating problems.

With the DCEU in a new state of finding its identity I hope that there will be a less frivolous attack on them. I’m hoping rumors can slow down and that we can have successful Marvel and DC franchises at the same time. This is a possibility, but things need to change and people should always second guess any sort of negative news without confirmation for that to happen. What do you think? Let us know in the comments!

5 Things We Want To See In ‘Flashpoint’

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Ezra Miller The Flash DC FlashpointWith DC revealing that the upcoming Flash movie will be titled Flashpoint, fans are wracking their brains trying to figure out what will happen. While the story is famous for rebooting the DC universe before the New 52 initiative, the series is chop full of awesome moments. The book is full of awesome alternate versions of characters and emotional moments that ground the universe-changing story in a deeply personal core narrative. For those who don’t know, Flashpoint follows what happens after Barry Allen travels back in time to save his mother on the night of her murder. When he returns to the present, he finds that everything he’s ever known is different and he’s even lost his powers.

It might not be the perfect story to introduce people to the larger Flash universe, but I trust Geoff Johns. Hopefully now that the plot seems to be a bit more set, a director or directors (I’m looking at you Phil Lord and Chris Miller) will step onto the project soon and help mold it into something awesome. If Warner Bros. chooses to introduce an alternate version of the DC Extended Universe to the bigscreen, there’s no one I’d rather explore it with than Flash. Barry Allen is the heart and soul of the DCU, so it’s only fitting to watch him try and inject some light into a dark version of his home.

Hit Next to learn about the five things we want to see in Flashpoint.

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  • JohnClark_R6

    Good article Christian.

  • bingeit 45

    dceu is providing them clicks they should be thanking lord snydra for daily bread

  • In the era of fake news, both the MCU and DCEU are just targets.

    • bingeit 45


      • Unn

        Marvel comic univers

        • Axxell


    • Mr.SilenceYourFace

      MCU has never been a target for anything except rampant blind fanboyism.

      • Marquis de Sade

        Well oiled/managed operations rarely ever merits negative rumors…Too bad the same can’t be said for dceu, huh?

        • David

          Perhaps not.But look at other networks such as Fox and Sony for instance. The work they’ve done with some films, FF especially are total wastes of potential. Yet it never, ever receives the same amount of critics as DC. Sure People get upset, but in 3 weeks all of it dies down completely. With DC there’s been a continuous train of bashing. Even if all of it is earned (and I don’t think it is) why not say that in one go and be done? Why pound out every detail day after day? Sony, With all of it’s phenomenal failures won’t receive a quarter f the criticism DC gets, let alone Warner Brother. Would Fox.

          • Axxell

            Perhaps because neither Fox nor Sony, are building a cinematic universe to the scale Marvel Studios and WB are doing it.

        • Mr.SilenceYourFace

          Directors quitting, no female superhero movies, female action figures cancelled to make room for more Captain America figures, allegations of racism against Ike Perlmutter.
          So well oiled, huh?

          • DMcC

            Sixteen straight commercial and critical successes and counting, forever changing the movie industry in the process. Call that whatever you want.

      • Darthmanwe

        They tried to turn the MCU into a target, they waited like sharks for any piece of exploitable weakness in cases of RDJ’s contract negotiations, or the SOny deal, the recent Feige reaction and all that.

        Thing is, the Mouse runs a super tight ship. So far, they only leaked from Lucasfilm front, and that was just recently.

        So don’t think MCU is exempt from that toxic attention, it’s just that that company has very good management and overseers. One day, eventually, they’ll show weakness too, and the maniacal new media will jump on them like sharks feeling the blood in the water.

        Because those new media people care about only thing, clicks. They are not fans of anything, but money and fame. Nothing else.

        • DMcC

          “As for why WB gets pounded more?”

          Simple: They’ve made some really crappy films with massive properties that millions of people are fanatically devoted to. That’s bound to draw an extremely negative reaction.

          WW was great, and if they continue along that path, they’ll reap the rewards. It’s that simple.

          • Darthmanwe

            Nah, that’s only part of it. A big part, but there are other reasons. For one thing, Time Warner’s reach in the sector is far greater than other companies, with TV and online divisions added. Their corporate structure has more layers, thus, potential leaks from all the way to top of Time Warner to mid management of Warner Bros. is immense. Meaning, there are more sources of faulty information, tinged with a bit of truth to come out, also means that there is a f..k ton of inter company politics between people who might wanna see each other hurt.

          • DMcC

            A little too conspiracy theory-ish for me. There were plenty of rumors floating around that WW was a mess, and things turned out just fine. More than fine, in fact. It was a legitimate blockbuster. Why? They made a good movie in which they successfully translated the key traits of the titular hero in a way that resonated with audiences. In short, what Marvel has been doing for the past decade.

            I mean, I agree on a certain level. Beyond generally — not always, but generally — putting out a good product, Marvel’s planning has been pretty fantastic. They’ve proven over and over that they know what they’re doing, so even losing a high-profile director in relatively negative circumstances like Edgar Wright doesn’t sabotage the end result.

            Also, Marvel had the good fortune of building the foundation for their shared universe before there was such a thing. Now the bar has been raised, almost impossibly so given their remarkable success, and expectations/standards are that much higher.

            But, again, there’s a solution for all of this and everything else: Make good movies. If DC/WB keep doing that, instead of more installements in Snyder’s incoherent broverse, they’re going to be fine, “vicious, misleading rumors” or not.

        • Mr.SilenceYourFace

          Could you be a little more dramatic, please? A few more paragraphs would help, I don’t think I understand what you’re trying to say.

          • Darthmanwe

            TL DR: Don’t think MCU is exempt from the maniac new media bloggers and ‘journalists’, they are lying in ambush for any sign of weakness about them too.

          • Mr.SilenceYourFace

            Kind of agree, but the DCEU is more often targeted in general.

          • Darthmanwe

            This is not a contest.

            This is a DISEASE that afflicts all of internet, journalism, media and the entire way of life post-social media, for all of us.

            DC is more targeted. Well, duh, it generates more clicks, it’s a soft target.

            Jeez, what is the problem here?

            Is it so hard to understand that the fact here isn’t some “FAVORITISM” to one company or the other, but a simple, maniacal focus on clicks and viewcounts?

          • Mr.SilenceYourFace

            Listen, I agree completely, but I’m just making an observation that DCEU is more of a target because it generates more clicks, as you said. To the people who think there is no bias against DC movies, they’re just plain wrong because for whatever reason, there is indeed a trend of bashing DC/WB more frequently for clicks. I’m not saying that there’s a rabid cult out there who just hates DC for no reason, but denying a trend is just dumb.

          • Darthmanwe

            And my point is that acknowledging it exists is one thing, but the defense of DC fans is “just because.” They need to understand, this is happening not JUST because of a few bad movies, this is the result of their own rabid fandomness as well.

            They feed the beast they hate by clicking on every DC-hate filled article, and that’s exactly what those people who write those articles want.

            To shirk blame, to cry “there is a bias against DC”…. People need to realize, that bias is there not because someone REALLY hates DC, no, that bias is there because most DC fans are gullible and become victims of clickbait every day of every week.

    • Pearlval Val

      What was the last negative rumor about the MCU? Lol. The mcu is blogger’s favorite candy.

      • Axxell

        Probably the one that said Spiderman would get pulled from the MCU, a few days back.

  • rockykb24

    I love the dc I’ve never believed any of the negative stuff going round dc are in good hands this is still zacks universe good article christian

  • A large number of destructive rumors are probably caused by the same PS4 fanboys who have tried to kill anything related to XB1 this generation in the media, unfortunately…

    • Axxell

      What does one have to do with the other??

  • Marquis de Sade

    Uhhh, not every movie takes 17 months to
    shoot, Christian. This time last year, dceu premiered their first trailer to this money pit at the SDCC, now here it is late July 2017, and the targeted completion of production is September 2017??? – Are you sure you ain’t Sammy-Rai (dceu’s head resident spin doctor)?

    • No Gods

      Justice league has a release date of September 17th. Movies frequently take well over a year to actually hit theaters due to many things. It’s not unusual at all. How long will we be talking about infinity war before it releases? But none of you will question marvel for any reason. You’re like religious extremists.

      • Marquis de Sade

        jla won’t be released until mid-november, dceu fangurl…And no, on average, a production like jla usually requires a 5 to 6 month shoot.

        • No Gods

          You’re a moron.

      • Maxi Iroh


  • Daniel

    In 1987 Columbia Pictures released a film called “Ishtar.” The film was expensive, it had a difficult shoot, and two high-profile stars. When the film came out all of the reviews focused on the troubles the production had and declared the film to be a failure. It tanked at the box office.

    Watching the film now, 30 years removed from the behind the scenes drama and—surprise, surprise—it’s actually a funny, clever movie. By no means the best ever, but well above average, entertaining, and well-crafted.

    I bring this up because people often jump to conclusions that critics sometimes conspire against a film, or—more extremely—studios conspire with critics to trash a competitor’s film.

    The latter example has only happened once to my knowledge and that was in 1941 when William Randolph Hearst arranged with the heads of the studios to attempt to purchase (and then destroy) the negative to “Citizen Kane” (which was a thinly veiled portrait of Hearst. When that failed he instructed all of the film critics at his newspapers across the country to negatively review the film and refused to accept RKO’s advertising for the film. At awards time, the film that eventually came to be known as the greatest film of all time was shut out of all the Oscars that it was nominated for except for screenplay (and that was because the co-writer, Herman Mankiewicz, was a beloved Hollywood figure). So for those who dismiss such claims as nonsense, yes, they mostly are, but it has happened before in one high profile case.

    The former example (critics conspiring together to trash a film) is also unlikely. But what does happen is that critics, in an example of evolutionary herd behavior, often jump on a bandwagon. And those who refuse to jump on the bandwagon feel an immense institutional pressure not to go counter to the herd or risk being shunned by their peers or made to feel foolish for arguing against “conventional wisdom.”

    That is what’s happening with the DCEU films. A significant number of loud and influential voices have set the tone for what the consensus view is and dissenting views are keeping quiet for fear of looking ridiculous in comparison. And it is only with time (as in the “Ishtar” example or, more recently, “The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou” (or, more super-hero related, “Batman Returns”)) that controversial films are able to be seen divorced from the immediate context of their times and evaluated based on what they actually are and not on the narrative promulgated by those with the loudest megaphones. And, again, in time, I believe that is what will happen with Zack Snyder’s DCEU films.

    (That said, “Suicide Squad” is a sh*t film and always will be.)

    • Axxell

      I don’t think many of those “rediscovered gems” have been as overly analyzed as the DCCU. There’s a treasure trove of articles dedicated to talking in depth about the movies and why they don’t work in certain aspects. It’s easy to say they’re simply misunderstood, ignoring what people have done going out of their way to examine the films piece by piece and explaining where they failed.

      It very well could be that time provides a different perspective. But the same could be said of any movie, including Suicide Squad.

  • M Lee

    This article is spot on, and I commend the writer for calling out these continuous negative rumors.

  • JMMagwood

    Marvel and Disney have been riding a wave of good will for a long time. Too long, in some respects. “Beauty and The Beast” was a dog that got hyped by critics, and the box office was huge, but few actually liked it judging from various postmortems. Many people hate “The Force Awakens” now, that loved it on release. The “Guardians” sequel under performed. Unfortunately for Disney, the spell might be wearing off, just in time for some of their biggest releases over the next year. Critics are a fickle lot, and don’t be surprised if they start savaging Disney projects soon, regardless of quality. Most big budget films have the same problems, but only fanboys and zealots believe that WB is hapless and Disney is perfect. What stupidity.

    • Axxell

      Sounds a lot like wishful thinking…driven by irrational hatred of Disney/Marvel. How the heII did GotG2 “under performed” when it outdid the first movie by $87M?? If Marvel has been riding a wave of good will, it’s been a VERY well deserved wave of good will, considering what they’ve accomplished and how they changed the industry.

      Those other films you mentioned have been overrated, sure. But so was “Ghostbusters” and “Wonder Woman”, and we all know what they have in common with “Beauty and the Beast” and “Force Awakens”…

      • JMMagwood

        Dude, quit being a crazed fanboy for a minute, and look at the general point. My point was that critics can love something regardless of quality, like “Beauty and the Beast” and rave about everything this person or that company does, but they can just as easily tire and decide, like a hive, that everything from a creator or company is bad. I love a lot of Disney movies, but they’ve made some clunkers, and the critics still raved. That could easily turn the other way. We’ve seen it before.

        As far as gotg2, some did predict a billion dollar box office. It didn’t make it, but it still did well, so relax. I’ll still stand by my general concern however, that audiences, like critics, are a fickle bunch and will soon completely tire of superheroes and comic book movies, and they’ll start tanking no matter what company’s making them.

        LOL Of course, you would take your little shot at “Wonder Woman.” What was that about “irrational hatred”? Hmm…

        • Axxell

          Who’s being a fanboy? All those movies you took a shot at were Disney or Marvel movies; your “general point” clearly is about pushing the fanboy narrative that Disney and Marvel are the media darlings and that poor ol’ DC can’t catch a break as a competitor. I even conceded that B&tB and Force Awakens were overrated, in addition to Ghostbusters…but the only thing that triggered your sensibilities was the inclusion of Wonder Woman…”Of course”.

  • Rob

    In fairness, WB has invited a lot of these rumors by their actions. They come off as reactionary and lack of direction and vision. I think you overplayed the underdog card way too much because prior to Iron Man, Marvel was the significant underdog in this fight. And they didn’t have all these problems with rumors (although they had their share of rumors).

  • Darthmanwe

    Y’know what would be poetic justice for all these fake news people and fake fans who only can speak in expletives ( the coherent people with eloquence and poise in their criticism excluded)?

    If WB had like 5-6 big BIG failures ( think 6 Pan movies in a row) and go bankrupt. Meantime, parent company Time Warner and its parent company acts slow or unwilling to resell rights.

    And we don’t get a single DC movie or show made for a good 20 years.

    I don’t want that to happen, but the nihilist in me wants to see that happen just to see how these diseased people would react.

    • Axxell

      This won’t happen, ever. If Transformers can make billons of dollars making turd after turd, surely WB can, too.

  • David

    The DCEU will never be the underdog. They are playing with a stacked deck. Their movies might be critically panned and 90% of the negative comments are about them, but look at the worldwide box office? Their movies are doing just as good or better than the MCCU, and much better than Fox’s take on superhero movies. I’ve kind of become accustomed to the attacks on WB/DC, me being a DC enthusiast, and rarely acknowledge them anymore. But with Wonder Woman doing as good as it is and quite possibly breaking the record for superhero introduction movies domestically…the haters better hope there will be no more critical successes for the DCEU! Than there will be no question who the dominant brand is. I enjoy all the superhero movies from the DCEU, MCU, Fox and Sony…but people have to realize, there’s only room on top for one!…lol

  • JetFuelJumper

    He makes a great point. DC brought this on themselves by putting out subpar movies. They can turn it all around by making more movies like Wonder Woman. Marvel gets treated differently because they earned it by creating confidence in their brand. DC has looked inept so any rumor is based on the things they have already done in the past.

  • 5andman


  • Nipon G

    What you’ve demonstrated is the DCEU is very much Trump convincing his simple-minded base that all the criticism is fake news, anything negative is part of a vast conspiracy by the mean old press to harm them. They’re not the gullible fools, it’s all those people what buy what every legitimate media outlet says and not the loyal propaganda outlet like you obediently printing what you’re told and drilling away on the party line. Shame on you.

  • Forthas

    I completely disagree! WB made bad movies. When these films were in development, numerous articles and even some of its stars recommended that it take its time developing individual stories and build to a team up. No! they needed to make as much money as possible and as a result many of the rumors turned out to be accurate. That is the thing with show business…for them and their supporters to whine because things did not go well is their own fault.

  • Axxell

    Even though Affleck already commented on the matter, the damage has been done, and I have a feeling that rumors like this will keep circulating.

    Perhaps because instead of emphatically answering the question about his future in the role, Affleck went on an irrelevant, vague segue about how “lucky” he is…THAT’S why the rumors will keep circulating, not because people are “viciously” attacking WB/DC.