‘Deadpool’ Review: One Of The Best Comic Book Films Of All Time

The Merc with a Mouth has finally been given the opportunity to shine in his first full-length feature film Deadpool, with impressive results.

Deadpool Ryan Reynolds

Deadpool has finally been given the opportunity to shine in his first full-length feature film, with impressive results. The Marvel character has been extremely popular for many years, but fans hopes were dashed at seeing him done justice on the big screen when X-Men Origins: Wolverine featured the character and infamously sewed his mouth shut completely taking away what made the character well loved. Fans believed that a film might not happen, but it has. Thanks to the persistence of Ryan Reynolds the film was pushed for years aiming to accurately portray the character with an R-Rating. This seemed like an impossible task in the realm of superhero films that are aimed at a PG-13 audience, but thanks in part to the test footage that leaked and the huge fan support Fox finally gave the go ahead to make the film at a smaller budget giving them the opportunity to do a completely hard R-Rated film that stays extremely faithful to the character.

The Deadpool film that we have is not only an accurate portrayal of the titular character, but a downright hilarious action-comedy that breaks the fourth wall. It breaks the fourth wall so thoroughly that I’m surprised there is even a fourth wall that still exists. It is sort of like how I am breaking the fourth wall right now in this review. Hi Reader! Oh wait I have to get back to the review. The film is a big, bombastic comedy that relishes in the fact that it knows the character. It feels like a comic come to life and that is a fantastic thing. Deadpool fans will be thrilled to see their favorite character given justice. I know that in watching this film I got a big sense of joy that they did everything right and I can see myself coming back to this film for many years to come.

The plot of revolves around Wade Wilson, a former Special Forces agent who is diagnosed with terminal cancer and in a last ditch ever to find a cure he agrees to an experimental process that would give him superhuman abilities. It turns out that this experiment gives him abilities, but at a cost. Now with super healing abilities that make him unstoppable he seeks revenge on those who did this to him. This revenge involves murder and witty lines.

Ryan Reynolds was perfect as Deadpool. It is easy to see how much he really loved the character. He embodied the fast –talking, chimichanga loving character. His delivery of every comedic line hits hard and fast, but lands every time. There was never a dull moment in his performance. T.J. Miller plays a prominent role in the film and adds his sense of comedy to his character. His chemistry with Ryan made every scene with them work very well. The rest of the cast also bring something special to their parts, and even Stan Lee gets in on the fun in a short, but hilarious cameo that was very appropriate for this type of film.

Overall Thoughts: I have no issues in stating that this film might be one of the most comic accurate portrayals of a comic book cahracter ever brought to the big screen. Not only does it keep it in line with the character, the film also stands on its own. I believe that this may be one of the best comic book films of all time. It is a great and goofy comedy that understands exactly what it is and it is original in its approach. I strongly suggest you go and see this film with someone you care about. I’m certain that they will appreciate it. It’s a must see film.

Christian Michael Stoic

Christian Michael Stoic

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