‘Deadpool’ Star Ryan Reynolds’ GIF Is Most Retweeted Of 2016

'Deadpool' star Ryan Reynolds has the honor of having the most retweeted post of 2016 with a tweet featuring his wife Blake Lively.

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The accolades for Deadpool star Ryan Reynolds just keep coming in. Having been named EW’s Entertainer of the Year in part due to the financial and critical success of Deadpool, a longtime passion project for the Canadian-born actor, Reynolds has also been given the honor of having Twitter’s most retweeted GIF of 2016.

Fans who follow Reynolds on Twitter are aware of the actors penchant for self-deprecating and humorous posts, often related to Deadpool this year, but the most reweeted tweet of 2016 is surprisingly not related to the foul-mouthed superhero. Rather, the GIF in question focused on Reynold’s wife, Blake Lively, and her own successful hit film of 2016.

The GIF Reynolds posted features footage from Lively’s thriller The Shallows, which told the story of a young medical student who faces off against a great white shark after she becomes stranded just out of reach of shore. In true humorous form, the post is captioned as follows:

“Actual Footage from the first date with my wife. Tried to surprise her and totally forgot I was a f****** shark.”

You can check out the GIF below!

With the success of Deadpool and the birth of his second daughter, 2016 has been kind to Reynolds, and with production on the sequel to Deadpool already underway, 2017 could very well be another great year.

Deadpool 2 is scheduled to be released in theaters on January 12, 2018.

Source: Twitter

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