‘Neuromancer’: ‘Deadpool’ Director Tim Miller To Helm Adaptation

Neuromancer Tim Miller

Deadline reports Deadpool director Tim Miller is set to helm the adaptation of William Gibson’s classic cyber punk novel Neuromancer for 20th Century Fox.

While Miller exited Deadpool 2 last fall, the director maintained a good relationship with Fox. Miller was first announced to be developing Fox’s Influx, a tech-thriller with a script written by Mark Bomback (War for the Planet of the Apes) based on the novel by David Suarez. He is also working with James Cameron on the revival of The Terminator franchise that is expected to start production next spring.

For Neuromancer, veteran X-Men producer Simon Kinberg will join Miller on the project. The pair previously worked together on Deadpool, the highest grossing Rated-R film of all time.

A screenwriter has yet to be set for the project. The novel follows Henry Dorsett Case a disgraced computer hacker in Japan who is left unable to access The Matrix, a worldwide virtual reality network after he’s left with a damaged nervous system for stealing from his employer. Case gets a second chance at life when he’s hired to hack an artificial intelligence that’s orbiting the planet in exchange for the restoration of his health.

Neuromancer was published in 1984 and was the first in a series followed by Count Zero (1986) and Mona Lisa Overdrive (1988), all set in the same world and future, known as the Sprawl Trilogy.

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Source: Deadline

Michael Mistroff

Michael Mistroff

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