‘Deadpool’ Writer On How R-Rating ‘Contributed To Its Success’

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Prior to Deadpool’s release, a rated R superhero film was unheard of.

In a recent interview, Deadpool co-writer Rhett Reese discussed how he and writing partner Paul Wernick were told to “write it as dark as our minds would go, as silly and sexual and violent as we wanted. So we did that, and it sat on a shelf for six years.”

This request came from the film’s star and producer, Ryan Reynolds, but it obviously didn’t go over well with the studios. So what changed? Well, in those six years, Disney bought Marvel and then footage for Deadpool spurred fans to fight for the film and get it made.

Rhett says that, in order to stand out from the remainder of the superhero genre, which was being dominated in large part by the Marvel Cinematic Universe, they had to push the envelope into territory that they knew Disney would never go.

“Let’s do something Marvel and Disney can’t do. It really feels like an apple among oranges with big studio movies. I think that contributed to its success.”

Rhett and Wernick are currently nominated for a Writers Guild Award for Deadpool and there’s a sequel in the works that will bring back Ryan Reynolds as the foul-mouthed man in red.

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Source: Variety

Mae Abdulbaki

Mae Abdulbaki

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