‘The Defenders’: Charlie Cox Says ‘Daredevil’ Is The Only Masked Hero

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Earlier today, Marvel announced the premiere date for The Defenders and released a teaser for the upcoming Netflix series. In an interview with Boogaloo Radio, series star Charlie Cox discussed his experience working on the show, appeared to confirm that Daredevil will be the only costumed member of the team and confirmed Drew Goddard’s participation.

Cox revealed that Daredevil will be the only masked member of the team when comparing his experiences working on both shows.

“Do you know what, when we filmed the first two seasons of Daredevil, it destroyed me. Defenders is slightly different because it has four of us. We can’t all be together all the time so there’s a lot more time off. The way it worked out is quite cool because since my character is the only one that has a mask, when we did action sequences they have to make sure they get the other three doing their bits because they could always use my stunt double.”

Cox revealed that a new stunt team had been assembled for the series.

“They brought in a whole new team for the Defenders. But our stunt doubles all remain the same.”

Cox also confirmed Drew Goddard’s involvement with the series.

“He was kind of a consultant on the whole thing. And he wrote 1 or 2 episodes which is pretty cool but I can’t remember exactly which ones.”

Cox revealed that The Defenders assembled the best directors from all four previous Marvel/Netflix shows.

“Yeah so they’ve done four series of 13 episodes, so the directors are essentially – from what I can work out – the A-team from those 4 thirteen hours. They got the best ones.”

When asked if he might join the cast of the next Avengers films, Cox cited that fact that Marvel TV and Marvel Studios are run separately as a reason why that may difficult.

“Marvel TV and Marvel Studios are run by completely different people. But then again, Clark Gregg is in the Avengers so why not? Just for interest, I went back and read Civil War before the movie came out. Because a lot of people had asked me if I thought that based on tone and genre the DD show is in, could that co-exist in one of the Avenger movies. And I went back and had a look to see how the comics approached it and you know, DD can’t compete with those guys. He’s a street hero and he doesn’t have superpowers in the same way but his role as a device within Civil War is really effective and he maintains his character. So I think he could have worked so who knows. Maybe one day.”

The news that Daredevil will be the only masked hero team may be disappointing to some, especially to those who were hoping that Iron Fist would finally don his classic costume. However, the news that the series has recruited some of the best talent from all four MCU Netflix shows along with a new stunt team might reassure fans that the series will meet the high expectations of viewers.

Marvel’s The Defenders will be available on Netflix on August 18, 2017.

Source: Boogaloo Radio (via MCU Exchange)

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  • SAMURAI36.

    Noooo. This is such a bummer. I was hoping for a version of the iron fist costume. Well, at least the show is still going to be awesome

    • Scott Whalen

      I would imagine part of the story of Iron Fist season 2 will lead to the costume.

  • Scott Whalen

    There will be no connection between the Marvel Movie Universe and the Marvel TV Universe until Ike Perlmutter is gone.