‘The Defenders’ EP Drew Goddard Talks Working With Netflix

The Defenders

Drew Goddard has a NBC series, The Good Place, on the way. He’s serving as Executive Producer and pilot director, but that’s not the only show he’s heavily involved in. You may have heard of a tiny crossover series on the way to Netflix called Marvel’s The Defenders; well, Goddard spoke to Collider about the show and working with the streaming giant that people love to chill to.

Marvel’s The Defenders is a crossover event involving the following heroes that can be found (or will be found very soon) on Netflix: Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, and Iron Fist. Sounds awesome, right?

When questioned about the ability of showrunners Doug Petri and Marco Ramirez, Goddard explained the following:

They’re so talented. I’ve known Doug since the Buffy days. Doug and I have worked together for 20 years, and Marco and I worked together on Daredevil. They’re so talented. It’s just more of the same, quite honestly. If you liked Daredevil, than it’s the guys who did that, who are wildly talented. It’s just really fun.

This is a huge event for Marvel, proving that everything is still connected, just as they’ve always claimed. We’ve of course already seen Jessica and Luke interact (rather passionately, too) but adding the Man Without Fear and the Immortal Iron Fist into the mix sounds like a great time. Goddard agrees:

It’s really fun to see these four different shows come together. I’m excited for people to see that. We’re certainly having a blast doing it. Hopefully, people will enjoy it, as well. It’s been really fun.

Not only does Goddard have glistening words about the process of making the show, but he really enjoys working with Netflix too:

Netflix has been such a wonderful partner, and Marvel clearly knows what it’s doing. To get to have that freedom and support to create four different shows, that’s not something that television networks like to do. They like it all to feel exactly the same. But Netflix was very much like, “We want to create four very different shows,” and they’ve allowed the creators to make those shows. It’s been really fun.

Marvel’s The Defenders are set to unite on Netflix in 2017.

Source: Collider

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