‘The Defenders’ Showrunner On Balancing The Characters

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The Defenders will soon be bringing us another Marvel crossover. We are going to see characters from all the Netflix Marvel shows interacting and fighting alongside one another in the same vein as we have been seeing in the MCU for the past decade.

Of course, when balancing several iconic characters who all have their defining traits, it can be hard to include the many aspects that define who they are. ComicBook.com interviewed showrunner Marco Ramirez and asked him how he managed to stay as true as possible to the characters audiences fell in love with in their solo series while they all share the screen together. Check out the quote below:

“First of all, I would say the iconic, kind of, Daredevil fight is the one man against a room full of people fight, right? So just by their virtue, the way we’re going to shoot these things, we can’t shoot the four of them fighting a room full of people the same way we would shoot a Daredevil fight. So, motion-ally it kind of becomes very different.”

Ramirez went on to discuss the way the fight scenes featuring multiple characters are put together. The fighting styles act more as extensions of that specific character and no one character has the same distinctive style as another. He said:

“This is about group dynamics, this is about these characters. For us and for the fight choreographers, and Jessica [Henwick] knows this as well as anybody, the fight choreography… each character on these shows fights very distinctly and very differently. I remember season two of Daredevil, we had many conversations about how Daredevil fought differently than Frank Castle fought. It’s almost like an extension of language, the way that they dance in the world, the way that they perform violence is very different. So it’s really just about this ballet, or rather this symphony of all these different instruments. The way that Luke Cage throws a punch is very different than the way Jessica Jones throws a punch, is very different than the way Danny throws a punch. I hope that answered some of your question.”

Finally, Ramirez discussed how he was able to make the series unique, and how it did not need to fit into any constraints that the MCU demanded. Check out what he had to say about working within the Marvel structure:

“To be honest, at no point did anybody come and say, you know, ‘This is the algorithm that works, you need to make this fit. They’re a very artist-friendly company. So, we just came and we said, the writer’s room and Marvel, I was able to say, ‘This is the story we want to tell.’ And nobody ever said, ‘Well, by this minute mark this thing needs to happen, because our scientists told us…’ You know. They’re very artist-friendly.”

Marvel’s The Defenders stars Charlie Cox, Krysten Ritter, Mike Colter, Finn Jones, Deborah Ann Woll, Simone Missick, Elden Henson, Carrie-Anne Moss, Eka Darville, Rachel Taylor, Rosario Dawson, Scott Glenn, Jessica Henwick, Elodie Yung and Sigourney Weaver.

Marvel’s The Defenders is set to debut on Netflix on August 18, 2017.

Source: ComicBook.com

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