‘Detective Pikachu’ Set Photos Offer First Look At Pokémon

While Detective Pikachu will use a lot of CGI to bring Pokémon to life, some props that have appeared reveal what they'll look like in the finished film.

Detective Pikachu

While an official first look at Detective Pikachu is a ways away, some props found on the movie’s London set reveal what some of the electric rodent’s fellow Pocket Monsters will look like following post-production.

A Twitter user has managed to snag a few photos of the location filming, and from the looks of things, the Ryme City Police Department has ensured that good Human-Pokémon relations are practiced in the city. The police department logo itself features a Victini standing in the center of the podium, while a series of posters within the Police Department feature images of a missing Graveller, a missing Pancham, and three missing Machokes.

In general, the more stylistic aspects of the Pokémon themselves appear to be retained while also making a few alterations to make the creatures more suitable for a live-action movie, which is arguably a better way of approaching things than making them completely cartoony or — Heaven forbid — completely real-looking. While it remains to be seen what these characters will look like in motion, for the time being, it can be safely assumed that this movie will have no trouble nailing the appearances of the Pocket Monsters.

Detective Pikachu will target a May 10, 2019 release date. Directed by Rob Letterman, Detective Pikachu stars Ryan Reynolds as the title character, Ken Watanabe, Justice Smith and Kathryn Newton.

Source: Twitter