Director Marc Webb Believes Spider-Man “Belongs” In The MCU

The Amazing Spider-Man director Marc Webb seems genuinely excited to see Peter Parker join the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Marc Webb Spider-Man

It probably came as a bit of a surprise to director Marc Webb, who directed two chapters of Sony’s The Amazing Spider-Man series (and many believed would be returning for a third), to have the franchise just lifted up and moved over to become a joint production between Marvel Studios and Sony Pictures. With this move came a new Peter Parker, a new director and a new direction for the franchise.

So, how does Marc Webb feel about Spider-Man joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe? In an inteview with /Film, Marc Webb had the following to say about it:

“No, I’m very excited for all the folks at Marvel and what they’re going to do with that character,” Webb said when he was asked about his trilogy being shortened to a two-parter. “I think he belongs in that universe and there’s a real excitement to see what they come up with. Maybe we’ll all be on a panel someday, Sam, me and whoever directs it. [Jon Watts was announced after the time of this interview.]”

Looks like there’s no bad blood here and Webb seems genuinely excited to see the character join the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Webb has moved on since then to NBC’s upcoming Limitless TV series and he compared the drug from the series to Spider-Man’s webshooters. Wait, what?

“Well, that’s not the most fun part of the drug, but there’s limitations in its limitlessness. How’s that for a quote? There’s always fun to be played. You know, Spider-Man runs out of web fluid, so there’s a limit to how perfect a mind can be, a time limit anyway.

Every power needs to have a weakness. That’s why Achilles had the heel. It’s what makes characters relatable and interesting. You ultimately are engaged by characters butting their head up against obstacles. Some of those obstacles are external. Some of them are internal.”

What do you think about Marc Webb’s comments? Are going to be checking out Limitless when it debuts this week? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: /Film

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