Disney’s Bob Iger Shares Message Of Hope Amid Coronavirus Concerns

Bob Iger Disney Coronavirus Coronavirus

Disney’s former CEO Bob Iger has shared a message of hope amid coronavirus concerns.

The entire world seems to be at a standstill as concerns over the coronavirus continue to permeate society. At every front, events are being canceled or are being reshuffled. Films from major studios like Disney are being delayed or are having their productions suspended in the name of health and safety. Even Disney’s theme parks are deciding to shutter their doors to help prevent the reach of the virus.

Disney has always been a leader in being proactive, but it’s also amazing at providing hope in a time of need and anxiety. Disney’s former CEO Bob Iger recently took to Twitter to remind us that we should take care of one another and be as safe as possible.

Bob Iger doesn’t sugarcoat the severity of the coronavirus but maintains a positive attitude by reminding us that, as a society, we have faced quite a lot of tribulations. In a time where countries are locking down their borders and “social distancing” becomes the norm, it’s good to know that the former CEO is reminding us to be safe.

Iger has been one of Disney’s most popular CEOs and is responsible for some for the company’s largest successes. The former CEO was famously responsible for the purchase of Pixar, Lucasfilm, Marvel and 20th Century Fox. He also ushered the studio into a brand new era of delivering products to consumers with Disney Plus, the company’s streaming service.

Bob Iger left the position of being Disney’s CEO on February 25th, 2020 after beginning work at the company in 1996. Currently, Bob Iger is the Executive Chairman of Disney’s Board of Directors until December 2021. Bob Iger was succeeded as Disney CEO by Bob Chapek, who is cautiously and gracefully handled concerns over the coronavirus.

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