The Disney-Fox Deal Was Predicted By ‘The Simpsons’ Nearly 20 Years Ago

The Simpsons seems to have a tendency for frighteningly accurate predictions and as news of the Disney-Fox deal continues to break the internet, it seems as if the hit Fox animated series got this one right too.

The 1998 Simpsons episode entitled, ‘When You Wish Upon A Star” featured a 20th Century Fox logo with “A division of Walt Disney Co” written directly underneath it.

It’s almost impossible to believe, but in case you need further convincing, here’s a tweet with an image from the episode that’s nearly 20-years old:

Of course, the deal makes The Simpsons a part of the Disney family now that the company owns Fox’s film and television properties. This includes other hit Fox animated series such as Family Guy, American Dad! and Bob’s Burgers.

In addition to correctly predicting this monumental deal between Disney and Twenty-First Century Fox, The Simpsons also previously guessed the Donald Trump presidency and the Super Bowl matchup between the Denver Broncos and Seattle Seahawks.

Are you as surprised as we are that The Simpsons was so dead on with this prediction? What other crazy predictions do you think the long-running show will get right? Let us know in the comments section!

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Source: THR

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