Disney’s ‘Mulan’ Starts Filming In China & New Zealand In January

According to a new report, Disney's live-action Mulan remake is set to begin filming early next year in both China and New Zealand.

Mulan Disney

Mulan is one of many live-action Disney remakes in development, and as such the company is putting high priority toward getting it made. A new report suggests that the Niki Caro-directed movie will start filming at the beginning of next year in two major locations.

Omega Underground has come across a report from My Entertainment World that Mulan will begin filming late into January of next year, both in China itself and New Zealand. The former isn’t particularly surprising since Disney wants the movie to be a co-production with the Chinese film industry, which would ensure that Disney would get a bigger cut of the fortune that the movie makes, but the latter seems a bit unusual. It’s likely that New Zealand would be used for some of the battle scenes, but it’s still a bit odd that the countries neighboring the Middle Kingdom aren’t being used instead.

Niki Caro (Whale Rider) is set to direct the movie. Thus far, nobody has been cast for the movie, although Ming-Na Wen (who voiced the title character in the original animated film) says that she’d be up for a cameo or supporting role. The cast will be predominantly Chinese or Asian and the lead actress is expected to be fluent in both English and Mandarin.

Mulan will make a man out of you sometime in 2019.

Source: My Entertainment World (Via Omega Underground)