Disney+ Projected To Pass 200 Million Subscribers By 2025

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Disney Plus is expected to amass over 200 million subscribers globally by 2025 according to a new forecast by analysts.

Disney Plus was always going to be a huge success for Disney, who owns one of the world’s most renowned catalogues of content. With animated classics, dozens of television series, and all the Marvel and Star Wars films under its belt, Disney Plus has proved to be one of the goto streaming services in a crowded, diverse marketplace. Its success sees no end as digital TV research analyst Simon Murray is projecting that the streaming service will pass over 200 million subscribers by 2025.

Reported by The Hollywood Reporter, Murray’s large projection wasn’t always the case for the streaming service. Murray originally believed that Disney Plus would gain 126 million subscribers but has changed his tune in the wake of the coronavirus. With the coronavirus causing almost everything to shutter, including cinemas and restaurants, folks are being forced to stay at home. With so many streaming services to choose from, the public seems to be gravitating towards Disney Plus, which is riddled with surefire fan favorite hits. With more people streaming from home now than ever, it’s hard to imagine that they’ll stop once anxieties from the pandemic temper.

Netflix, Disney Plus’ main competitor is also expected to gain more subscribers in the wake of the coronavirus. Murray now believes that Netflix, home of the viral docu-series Tiger King and Chris Hemsworth’s Extraction, will have 258 million subscribers by 2025. This is up from Murray’s original 238 million expectation. Amazon Prime Video, which is quickly becoming a force to be reckoned with in the streaming world, is also expected to gain subscribers. Murray reports that Amazon Prime Video will have 141 subscribers by 2025, higher than the 134 originally expected.

It’s not all positive vibes for the streaming service world according to Murray, who says that HBO Max and Apple TV+ will see subscribers drop by 2025. He predicts that HBO Max will drop from 30 million to 25 million while Apple TV+ will be at 14 million subscribers. While HBO Max and Apple TV+ were never going to be prominent main players in the streaming wars, those numbers are quite low considering that have great adult counter programming that Disney Plus just can’t offer.

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Source: The Hollywood Reporter