Disney+ Asks Select Users About Adding More Mature Content

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Disney Plus has begun sending out surveys to select subscribers asking if they’d interested in watching more mature content.

While the streaming service is quite nearly perfect for kids and teens, Disney Plus has been notable for lacking mature content for some of its older subscribers. In fact, Disney halted production on the upcoming Lizzie McGuire sequel series because it featured too much mature content. Disney Plus also moved the Love, Simon spin-off show Love, Victor to Hulu as they didn’t find the series appropriate for its subscriber demographic.

However, Disney Plus’ lack of mature content could be a thing of the past as the streaming service has asked select users via a survey if they’d be interested in seeing more mature content. A Reddit user received the Disney Plus survey themselves and posted it on the subscription service’s subreddit.

In the survey, the streaming service asks subscribers “How likely is it that you would watch each show?”, with the shows in question being Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Firefly, Modern Family, How I Met Your Mother, Black-ish, and Malcolm In The Middle. All of these shows are owned by Disney through ABC or its recent acquisition of 20th Century.

All the shows in question are certainly far more mature than the current slate of series available on Disney Plus. At most, these series level around the PG-13 rating, falling in line with the likes of The Mandalorian or The Simpsons, which are currently available on the streaming service. Disney Plus currently has a treasure trove of content, so these shows would certainly expand its portfolio.

It’s expected that the upcoming Marvel Cinematic Universe shows such as Wandavision and The Falcon and the Winter Soldier will maintain a certain level of maturity, especially considering that most of the films in the franchise have been rated PG-13.

Do you want to see more mature content on the streaming service? Did you get this survey? Comment below and let us know!

Source: Reddit