Disney Wants Jared Leto To Star In A ‘Tron’ Reboot

Disney is going back to the grid again with its sights set on Jared Leto to star in a reboot for Tron that is currently in early development.

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THR reports Jared Leto is circling a reboot for Tron that is currently in early development at Disney.

Sources close to the new project said the film in development is not a direct sequel to Tron: Legacy but is a new script based the original story for Tron 3. Leto would play a character named Ares who was a key character in that script.

The news comes just days after Legacy director Joseph Kosinski revealed his initial plan for the third installment titled Tron: Ascension. The film itself wasn’t canceled but rather on hold for the time being. Originally, the project was to begin production in 2015 with Legacy stars Garret Hedlund and Olivia Wilde set to reprise their roles as Sam Flynn and Quorra. Kosinski described Ascension as an invasion movie where the digital world invaded the real world, a direction Legacy clearly hinted to at the close of the film.

At this point, the project is still without a writer and a director. It’s unclear whether or not Kosinski will return for the third installment but should Leto sign on for a role, he and his producing partner Emma Ludbrook would also produce the film should it be greenlit.

Justin Springer, the co-producer of Legacy and exec producer of Oblivion, the sci-fi action flick starring Tom Cruise, will also produce.

Stay tuned for more on Disney’s Tron 3 as we learn it.

Source: THR

Michael Mistroff

Michael Mistroff

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