Disney XD’s ‘Spider-Man’ Series Will Star Miles Morales and…

A few months ago, it was revealed that Disney XD had cancelled Ultimate Spider-Man. The animated series has been on the air since 2012, and will be replaced by a new animated program starring the wall-crawler. Interestingly, Peter Parker will not be alone in his next televised adventure. In case you have not been paying attention to Ultimate Spider-Man (don’t worry, I haven’t either), Spidey has teamed up with many other Spider-Characters before, such as Scarlet Spider, Agent Venom and of course, Miles Morales. Thanks to new merchandise for the upcoming series, it has been confirmed that Morales and Spider-Gwen will star in the new series. This comes just hours after a casting call was revealed for Sony’s animated Spider-Man movie which will (allegedly) star Morales. The artwork also includes fan-favourite character Venom, so that should be a lot of fun. Here’s hoping the show is not as “kiddie” as Ultimate Spider-Man.

On Ultimate Spider-Man, Peter has teamed up with Morales and Spider-Gwen before; no details have been revealed regarding how these characters tie into the new program. Marvel normally test potential film characters on TV before they place them in their own movies, a few examples of this include: Doctor Strange, The Inhumans and The Grandmaster, who will appear in next year’s Thor: Ragnarok. Could we be seeing Spider-Gwen and Morales head to the big screen in the near future? In terms of live-action, I doubt it, but in Sony’s animated movie? I would almost put money on it.

You can check out the merchandise below:

So, what do you guys make of this? The upcoming series is set to detail Peter Parker’s life in high school, much like Spider-Man: Homecoming. The show will be run by story editor Kevin Shinick (Robot Chicken) and supervising director Philip Pignotti (Avengers Assemble). The untitled Spider-Man series is set to hit Disney XD sometime in 2017.

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