Disney XD’s ‘Spider-Man’ Series Will Feature Spider-Island

Marvel Animation VP Stephen Wacker has announced the new Marvel Spider-Man animated series for Disney will feature the Spider-Island storyline from 2011.

Disney Spider-Man Spider-Island

Image: Marvel Entertainment

The new Marvel Spider-Man animated series for Disney XD will feature the Spider-Island comic storyline from 2011.

Marvel Animation VP Stephen Wacker recently spoke to CBR about potential stories for the show to follow while being interview regarding Avengers: Ultron Revolution. During the interview, Wacker confirmed that 2011’s Spider-Island story is one we’re going to get to see.

“Another story we have coming up on the Spidey side… we’ll get to ‘Spider-Island’ at some point. That was a big Spider-Man story in publishing.”

Wacker also spoke about the importance of not alienating newer readers, which is why in an attempt to cover newer stories, he revealed he would eventually like the show to touch on the Superior Spider-Man storyline from 2013.

“The big one for me [personally] would be ‘Superior Spider-Man’. That was the last big story I worked on in the comics side with Dan Slott. I’m not quite sure how we get there, but I’d love to see it.”

“I guess also, in a lot of ways, it’s important to me that we don’t just pull from the classic stories, but [stories] that newer comic readers might recognize. ‘Superior Spider-Man’ is a good example. Not something pulled from something 40 years ago all the time, so we’re not retelling the ‘Kree/Skull War’ or ‘Spider-Man: No More.’”

The series, which was announced back in October, was recently confirmed to debut this Summer. You can view the teaser released earlier in the month here.

In other Spidey news, don’t forget you can catch Peter Parker on the big screen on July 7th in Spider-Man: Homecoming.

Source: CBR

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