Doctor Aphra Will Become A Vintage ‘Star Wars’ Toy

Doctor Aphra, who appeared in the Darth Vader comics and is currently starring in her own ongoing, will become an action figure as a result of a fan poll.

Marvel’s been on a roll with Star Wars comic books, and now it looks like one of the characters created for them will become a vintage-style toy: the anti-heroic archaeologist Dr. Aphra.

The official Star Wars website is reporting that the winner of their vintage toy poll is Doctor Chelli Lona Aphra. The character first appeared in the pages of Marvel’s Darth Vader comic, in which she crossed paths with the Dark Lord and played a crucial part in his quest to regain favor with the Emperor after the disastrous Battle of Yavin. Later, after having been pushed away from the Dark Lord by circumstance, Aphra got her own comic series (making her the first character to originate in a comic to get her own ongoing Star Wars comic book), which covers the exploits of her attempts to get back into standard archaeology alongside the motley crew she assembled with the Dark Lord.

Hasbro is committed to making Aphra a 3.75-inch toy as a result of her winning a fan-based poll of what characters they wanted to see. She narrowly defeated fan-favorite Ahsoka Tano from The Clone Wars and Rebels and came significantly ahead of the other potential candidates (Emperor Palpatine, Sim Aloo, Arc Trooper CT-5555 “Fives”, and Saelt-Marae “Yak Face”). Aphra is also far and away the newest character on this list, so that might have played a big part in why she managed to top Ahsoka.

Below is the variant cover to Darth Vader #25 which featured a mock-up of what the packaging Doctor Aphra action figure could and possible will look like.

Star Wars Doctor Aphra

Source: Lucasfilm