‘Doctor Strange’ 15-Minute IMAX Preview Is Amazing!

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With less than a month before its release, Marvel Studios offered the press and eager fans a glimpse at the new Doctor Strange film. To promote the film, a 15-minute preview of the upcoming Phase III film was screened to tease the Sorcerer Supreme’s solo film. Much like they previously did for Guardians of the Galaxy, they threw together a few scenes to advertise the flick.

So how was it?

Absolutely amazing! If you were jaded by the trailers released for not showing you much, you can rest easy. This film is going to blow your mind! It will show a dynamic not seen in a Marvel film yet, the mystic. While The Avengers have been dealing with worldly threats, there has been a mystic side that we haven’t explored. The visuals alone were top notch and will make you feel as though you are going through the strangest trip ever. There were a few moments that shown that made the audiences jaw drop.

I will try not to go too much into spoiler territory, but here are a few highlights from the preview.

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Khalil Johnson

Khalil Johnson

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  • Jason Scarpelli

    Easter eggs, great visuals, humor, stan lee…..all obvious

    • Axxell

      “Great visuals” is a MASSIVE understatement…

  • Carl

    Also I’m pretty sure that was Dormammu in it. I really liked the vibe it gave of, the characters and the out of this world visuals. If you though it looked like Inception, well no, you haven’t seen anything like this.

    • Axxell

      I love how the visuals just scream Steve Ditko; this makes Inception look like shaky cam footage.

  • wilderfox

    Lol whos back broke? All i can think of is Rumlow

    • Marquis de Sade


  • Frank Pepito

    Disney California Adventure debuted their own preview last week. I saw it twice before I saw this IMAX one this evening, and I can’t help comparing them. I thought the DCA one, which is about ten minutes long, effectively told a mini-story about Strange, that got us to relate to and empathize with him. It was also very funny! This IMAX preview has a darker tone than DCA’s and because it covers so many more (and different scenes), the narrative was a little choppy by comparison. Rachel McAdams isn’t really featured at all in the DCA preview, so it was very cool to finally see her and her relationship to Strange. The entire first sequence was brand new to me and way more effectively graphic than I expected. Wong gets more time in the IMAX preview, but DCA’s edit shows Strange’s first test with the Ancient One, and while predictable, is very cool. The DCA edit also has a longer chase scene through the bending streets and building of NYC. Each edit also features Stranger emanating different kinds of mystic forces with his hands. Both are great, but I laughed more during the DCA screening. And just like how the DCA version convinced me I need to see it in 3D, tonight’s version convinced me it’s a must see in IMAX 3D!