‘Doctor Strange’ 15-Minute IMAX Preview Is Amazing!

Press and audiences were treated to a 15-mionute preview for the upcoming 'Doctor Strange' movie showcasing highlights from the Marvel flick.

Doctor Strange

Doctor StrangeWith less than a month before its release, Marvel Studios offered the press and eager fans a glimpse at the new Doctor Strange film. To promote the film, a 15-minute preview of the upcoming Phase III film was screened to tease the Sorcerer Supreme’s solo film. Much like they previously did for Guardians of the Galaxy, they threw together a few scenes to advertise the flick.

So how was it?

Absolutely amazing! If you were jaded by the trailers released for not showing you much, you can rest easy. This film is going to blow your mind! It will show a dynamic not seen in a Marvel film yet, the mystic. While The Avengers have been dealing with worldly threats, there has been a mystic side that we haven’t explored. The visuals alone were top notch and will make you feel as though you are going through the strangest trip ever. There were a few moments that shown that made the audiences jaw drop.

I will try not to go too much into spoiler territory, but here are a few highlights from the preview.

It Looks Like Doctor Strange Will Be An Origin Story

Marvel Studios previously stated that they were done with origin stories. However, based on the footage shown during the preview, this will be a true origin story for Doctor Stephen Strange. We get to see him before he learns about the mystic arts.

He’s incredibly arrogant. There’s a sequence where he showcases his incredible wealth as well as refusing to take on special medical cases because they aren’t “sexy” enough. Of course that all changes when he goes through his car accident and hits rock bottom after losing the ability to use his hands. After meeting The Ancient One, everything changes.

The Doctor Strange Movie Is Funny

Based on the initial trailer, the film seems like it’s going to have a very serious tone, which would be somewhat of a departure from most Marvel Studios films. It doesn’t look like they will be changing the formula in Doctor Strange.

Benedict Cumberbatch’s Stephen Strange doesn’t shoot off one-liners like Tony Stark or Peter Quill, but he does have great comedic reactions to this new world he is taking a part of. It also looks like his banter with both Wong and The Ancient One will be great. Tilda Swanson even throws in a line or two that will bring a chuckle to the audience.

Stan Lee (Duh)

What would a Marvel movie be without a cameo from his holiness, Stan Lee? We know he’s getting up in age and even shot multiple cameos at once to reduce travel to sets for the upcoming Marvel films. The preview showcased Stan Lee’s cameo for Doctor Strange.

I will not spoil what happens in the scene, but will just say that his cameo is funny and works perfectly in the scene. Hopefully, he will remain around for much more cameos because he’s a gem when on the screen. His cameo in Doctor Strange doesn’t disappoint.

Marvel Easter Eggs

Because this is the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), “It’s All Connected.” There are a few references to The Avengers in the preview as well. We saw the reference to The Avengers that Wong made to Doctor Strange in one of the TV stops, but there is another reference to one of the characters from Captain America: Civil War is shown in the preview as well, a certain character who’s back was broken and in need of a spinal surgeon.  Expect the film to reference other things going on in the MCU.

You Are Not Ready For The Visuals!

When Doctor Strange writer C. Robert Cargill did an interview with Double Toasted, it landed him in a little bit of trouble when discussing the casting of The Ancient One. First off, Tilda Swanson is fine in the role, so there’s no need to worry. She carries an aura in the film that will make you ease your worries about her casting. Cargill also said that we haven’t seen anything compared to what’s going to be on screen from that first trailer.

He is absolutely correct! The trailers released barely scratches the surface for what the film will be showing us. During the preview, the audience was able to see the first time Doctor Strange learns about the world of the mystic. It’s a visual smorgasbord! There were multiple times where jaws were just open in the theater as it’s something we have never seen in a movie.

Remember that one trippy scene at the end of Ant-Man where he went sub-atomic, now magnify that times 1,000!! We are going to other dimensions, other realities (yes the multiverse is coming), and we might even see the Cancer-verse! There is also an action scene that pretty much will set the bar visually for quite some time and not only is the earth bending, but when the sorcerers use their powers it’s a visual treat. This is a movie made for 3D and IMAX. They even made an announcement at the beginning of the preview that there’s more than an hours worth of footage in the film that was made specifically with IMAX in mind.


Get your tickets! See it in 3D IMAX! It’ll be worth the extra bucks!

This movie is going to open the floodgates for what Marvel can do as we are mobbing into uncharted territory.  Keep in mind, we were only treated to 15 minutes of this and were blown away.  Imagine what a full movie will be?  We have a month until we find out!

Doctor Strange opens in theaters nationwide November 4, 2016.

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