Benedict Cumberbatch Calls ‘Doctor Strange’ Another Moment In ‘Marvel’s Evolution’

Doctor Strange StepsMarvel’s Phase Three officially kicks off when Captain America: Civil War hits theaters next week but following that we will venture to a completely different side of the Marvel Cinematic Universe with Doctor Strange. While chatting with Empire Online, Benedict Cumberbatch commented on the upcoming film and how it will be quite different than what we’ve seen in the previous Marvel Studios films.

It’s a very different feel, different hero and different set of circumstances to what we’ve seen before. It’s another moment during Marvel’s evolution.

Additionally, director Scott Derrickson commented on how the visuals of the film alone would make it stand out in regards to the Marvel Cinematic Unverse. Derrickson commented that they “felt free to go as far as we could imagine” and are “doing a lot of things that I think have not been done before. Once we’d crossed a certain line we just kept going.” 

Considering that what we’ve seen already is just a teases, it’s going to be interesting seeing what Derrickson and company brought when Doctor Strange hits screens later this year. Sound off with your thoughts on the above in the comments section below.

Source: Empire

Shawn Madden

Shawn Madden

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  • Worldmind

    Everyone screamed “Inception!!!” when that first trailer hit, I know I did anyway. But I’m feeling like same as the Civil War trailers (including the final one), we ain’t seen nothin yet!

    • Jared

      That’s what the writer of the movie says. He says the teaser is such a small part that what we’ll see will truly be mind blowing. I can’t wait to see how that will all playout.

      • Ericakmason1

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