‘Doctor Strange’ Blu-Ray Features: Kaecilius Bargains With Dormammu in Deleted Scene

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A deleted scene from Doctor Strange provides a bit of extra exposition on what Kaecilius’ grand plan is, and reveals Dormammu’s presence in the story a bit earlier than in the theatrical cut. In addition, Marvel has announced a few of the special features that will be present on the movie’s Blu-Ray release.

According to Entertainment WeeklyDoctor Strange fans have quite a bit to look forward to with the release of the film on home video formats. Speaking with the publication, director Scott Derrickson discussed which of the sequences he had the toughest time cutting:

“I really liked those scenes and I think everyone did a good job on them. [But] they weren’t hard to cut. We tested the movie with and without them. It wasn’t just about the audience’s reaction, it was really how the movie felt. Pauline Kael used to always talk about the director needing to know where the audience wants to be, and at that point of the movie, the audience didn’t want to be jumping around, they wanted to stay with Strange, who’s on this very interesting, very personal, and very dramatic journey. The intrusion of those scenes was breaking up the soul of the movie in a way that just wasn’t necessary. We didn’t need it. When we removed them, we found that we lost very little, and we gained more power in the major arc of the character. So, it was a pretty easy choice in the end.”

Among the deleted scenes in question is the above clip, which shows Kaecilius and his Zealots contacting Dormammu and performing a ritual to gain his favor. Given the fact that the theatrical cut has a later scene which shows them performing a similar ritual, it appears as though the scene was deemed unnecessary to the flow of the overall movie and was subsequently removed. Still, it does give Kaecilius a cool “bad guy” moment towards the end.

Doctor Strange will be released through digital formats on February 14 and will expand to VOD and home video formats on February 28.

Source: Entertainment Weekly