How The World Of ‘Doctor Strange’ Is Being Brought To Life

With the addition of magical elements to the Marvel Cinematic Universe comes a whole new load of challenges when it comes to bringing the pages of a comic book to life on the big screen. Marvel have clearly proven in recent years that they know what they’re doing when it comes to this, but there are a few locations and props within Doctor Strange that go a little above and beyond what we’re used to seeing within the MCU.

For example, with Doctor Strange being able to jump through different dimensions, the production designers had a number of seemingly impossible worlds to create. Charles Wood recently opened up to about the importance and difficulty of the task at hand:

“You’ve got these god-like characters, larger than life characters… to take these people and put them into an environment, it’s really important that it’s at least plausible.”

Wood also spoke about the importance of doing justice to Doctor Strange‘s most iconic setting, the Sanctum Sanctorum:

“[The Sanctum Sanctorum] was probably the most important space we’ve got, the most iconic space. When you walk into the Sanctum Sanctorum your experience could be, “This is what it is, it’s a great looking place, it’s kind of weird,” or you can walk into it and be blown back a bit. We try to do the second part of that.”

Perhaps just as iconic as the Sorcerer Supreme’s humble abode, is his Eye of Agamotto. The powerful amulet is Strange’s most prominent magical tool of choice, and the film is set to introduce fans to a new version of it. The on-screen amulet was designed by a team led by Marvel prop designer, Barry Gibbs.

Gibbs spoke to about the detailed, long crafting process that went into constructing the iconic amulet:

“[The Eye of Agamotto] was clearly the most iconic prop for this film. It went through a design process where I started production many months ago.

The eye went through a transition state because it went from something that was quite a simple operation to a design that needed other, greater thought put into it. As the script developed, it dictated that it needed more requirements.”

You can look forward to seeing these locations and props on the big screen when Doctor Strange hits theaters November 4th, 2017.


Joe Hart

Joe Hart

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