‘Doctor Strange’ Director Teases Villains For Sequel

Doctor Strange
Doctor Strange director Scott Derrickson has teased potential villains for the inevitable sequel to the smash hit film during a Q&A on Twitter today.

While a sequel has yet to be officially greenlit, nor has Derrickson signed on to helm another feature starring the Earth’s magical defender, he revealed back in January that he couldn’t help but come up with good ideas that wouldn’t have fit in the first film as he made it. Today we may have gotten the answers to what those ideas were.

In the film we saw Master Daniel Drumm, the protector of New York’s Sanctum Santorum killed at the hands of Kaecilius. When asked by a fan hopeful if Drumm’s death would lead to the emergence of Drumm’s better-known brother, Brother Voodoo, Derrickson responded:

Derrickson then revealed he would like to tackle the evil ruler of the Dream Dimension, Nightmare, but that at some point Dormammu’s niece and long-running love interest of Doctor Strange, Clea, has to be introduced:

Derrickson talked a little bit about what inspired him about the character of Stephen Strange and how he wanted to approach magic with a fresh take in the film:

Derrickson also revealed that his favorite film in the MCU is currently Guardians of the Galaxy and that he is also Team Cap.

Lastly, he also opened up that he’s hopeful that Fantastic Four will one day return to Marvel for a shot on the silver screen in the MCU:

So who would you like to see Doctor Strange go up against in a sequel? Do these villains sound like good ideas to you? The post-credit scene in the film certainly suggested the Sorcerer Supreme will face off against Mordo but are there any other characters not mentioned you would like to see? Sound off in the comments below.

Doctor Strange is now available on Blu-Ray, DVD, and Digital HD.

Source: Twitter