‘Doctor Strange’ Gets Last-Minute Script Assist From ‘Community’ Creator Dan Harmon

Marvel is well-known for tweaking its film before, during and after production, whether through additional scriptwriters, some liberal editing or reshoots. Their next film. Doctor Strange, is no different except for one thing – the writer who worked on the script after production was none other than Dan Harmon, the creator of the beloved cult hits Community and Rick & Morty.

THR reports that Harmon, who has no superhero writing experience but is praised for his quirky metahumor, was brought in for “some additional last-minute scenes.” That sounds suspiciously like a mid or post-credits scene to me but perhaps its a tangent within the film itself, like how Thanos was for Guardians of the Galaxy. The film, scripted by Sinister duo director Scott Derrickson and C. Robert Cargill (formerly Massawyrm at Ain’t It Cool News, for you film blogging historians) based on a story of theirs with previous screenwriter Jon Spaihts (Prometheus, upcoming December release Passengers), wrapped production earlier this year. Harmon’s work is for “additional photography.”

It’s not exactly a surprise that Harmon would join Marvel Studios, in however small a way; Anthony & Joe Russo, the directors of the last two Captain Americas and the next two Avengers, made their name on shows like Community (and have a running gag of including a cast member in each of their Marvel films).

As a huge fan of the two shows above, I’m excited Harmon is on board. I think he’s a genius and right in the wheelhouse of Marvel seeking lesser-known, eclectic (and comedic) talent. Doctor Strange was already my most anticipated superhero movie of the year back in January. Now, it’s flat-out a must-see of the fall.

Doctor Strange stars Benedict Cumberbatch as the title character and hits theaters November 4.

SOURCE: The Hollywood Reporter

Sam Flynn

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