‘Doctor Strange’: Scott Derrickson Explains Deleted Scene

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The process of making a movie can sometimes be frustrating – especially when there are certain scenes that worked great in theory, but when put together with the finished product it can negatively impact the film. When it comes to Marvel’s Doctor Strange, a certain deleted scene is a prime example of this phenomena.

A deleted scene in Doctor Strange depicts Stephen Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch) stopping to heal a stray dog. The scene is a tender moment for the arrogant surgeon and works on its own as a scene isolated from the entire film.

However, the scene was removed due to pacing as well as being too redemptive for Strange early on in the film. Doctor Strange director Scott Derrickson explained as such on Twitter, emphasizing the importance of editing:

It’s great that the scene is available for fans to view, to see Doctor Strange do something nice for a stray dog. But regardless of how good a scene may be isolated, sometimes deleting it in the long run is the best for the final finished product.

What do you guys think of this deleted scene? Do you agree with Derrickson’s sentiment that it did not fit within Strange’s character arc so early on in the film? Perhaps it would fit better if it were re-purposed later in the film. Sound off in the comments below.

Marvel’s Doctor Strange is available on Blu-ray, DVD, digital HD and Netflix now.

Source: Scott Derrickson via Twitter 

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