‘Doctor Strange’ Writer On Time & If Strange Could Be The Next Tony Stark

'Doctor Strange' writer talks about time and whether or not Strange could be the next Tony Stark and leader of the Avengers.

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Doctor Strange is looking to take the top spot at the box office this weekend and it’s generally been praised for its special effects and magic sequences.

The film’s writer, Jon Spaihts, recently discussed the film’s concept of time. Specifically the sequence where Doctor Strange battles Dormammu and how the concept of reversing time over and over came about.

“It’s one of the sequences I’m most proud of and there was a version not very different from what you see in the first draft. I was able to come back at the end of the project and do some more work to help bring the movie home and refine that still further. But I think the seed of the idea actually came from Kevin Feige in the room. We were trying to figure out how that final battle could go, and Kevin was focused on his long play with the Eye of Agamotto and the role it’s going to play in his grand design in the cinematic universe — very focused on Strange’s manipulation of time. It was Kevin Feige in the room who said, “Could he trap him in time?”  And that led me to write the sequence that you see.”

Now that Strange is entering the vast Marvel Cinematic Universe and will be interacting with the Avengers, Spaihts talked about the possibility of Strange becoming the next Tony Stark and leading the team.

“I can’t speak for what’s on Kevin Feige’s radar. Certainly, for my part, I was just trying to serve this character well. There is a kind of vague parallel between the two of them. These are both rich, successful, brilliant men with a sardonic wit and an eye for the ladies. And they have fairly similar looks. Happily, I think the simple reality of having them played by these two very individual and talented actors will serve to differentiate them. As for whether Strange will inherit the mantle of the cocky patriarch of the Avengers, I have no idea. Obviously, no one wants to see Downey stop playing this role.”

Would you want Doctor Strange leading the Avengers? How do you think the concept of time and magic could be implemented within the MCU? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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