Dominic Cooper Is Still Waiting To Hear About A Potential Third Season Of ‘Agent Carter’

ABC announced an early fourth season renewal for Marvel’s Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. but Marvel fans are still waiting to hear about the fate of their other ABC series. There’s a rumor floating around recently that Agent Carter is definitely getting renewed but there’s been no official announcements about a potential third season yet. While speaking with Den Of Geek, Dominic Cooper was asked if he’d heard anything yet about Peggy Carter & Howard Stark’s future over at the network.

I hear nothing. I hear nothing. I’m waiting but I’ve not heard anything yet.

This question also led to the actor being asked if he’d be able to still do a third season with his other series Preacher possibly being picked up for a full season as well. While another season of Agent Carter is up in the air at the moment, Cooper believes he could pull both off considering the minor role that Howard Stark plays in the series.

I hope so…yeah, ‘cause Howard Stark kind of runs in and runs out. He does some ridiculous thing, creates some madness and then hops off in a plane with a leggy blonde.

Due to their production schedules, the two series wouldn’t likely overlap and cause any issue regarding Cooper appearing in both. Here’s hoping we get some official news regarding a third season of Agent Carter soon. Sound off with your thoughts on the matter and if you’d like to see more Howard Stark in the potential third season below.

Source: Den Of Geek


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