‘Doom Patrol’: Set Photos Reveal First Look At Robotman

Doom Patrol - Courtesy of Variety

The first on set photos of Robotman from DC Universe’s live-action Doom Patrol series have leaked and he looks fantastic!

Doom Patrol was weird before being weird was cool. This misfit gang of superheroes was brought out of obscurity by Grant Morrison back in the late 80’s and the series has been the bible for team-based comic books ever since. With deliciously devious narrative arcs and jarringly precise social commentary, Doom Patrol have carved their way to paneled prominence. And now, DC Universe is giving the team their just due with their first live-action adaptation.

The first to make his appearance, albeit via a leaked set photo, is Robotman! Being voiced by Brendon Fraser, Robotman will be the team’s leading man and he looks ready. As posted by JustJared’s Twitter account, Robotman looks to be comics accurate and ready for the jump into live action. You can check out the shots can in the Twitter post below:

Doom Patrol is still a few months away but if the rest of the cast looks anything like this, we’re in for quite the spectacle! What do you think of Robotman’s live-action counterpart? Sound off in the comments below.

Source: Just Jared

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