‘Doomsday Clock’ Variant Cover Features A Nostalgic Joker

An outline for a variant cover for the fifth issue of Doomsday Clock lets Joker in on a new kind of chemical substance - Watchmen's Nostalgia.

Doomsday Clock

DC’s Doomsday Clock will do the unthinkable by crossing Watchmen over into the DC Universe in a twelve-issue event series, but sometimes it’s for the best that a crossover like this gets a moment to breathe. Case in point, a variant cover for the fifth issue in the series has none other than the Joker trying on a bit of Nostalgia cologne.

Artist Gary Frank released an image of line art for a future cover of an issue of the event series, featuring Joker utilizing a bit of Nostalgia makeup to add a little something to his permanently-bleached skin:

DC Comics President Geoff Johns confirmed that this is, in fact, a variant cover for the fifth issue:

The Nostalgia product line was one of the many motifs touched upon in the original Watchmen story arc, naturally symbolizing the feelings that the ensemble experienced regarding their better days in the face of an incredibly uncertain future, as the threat of nuclear war hangs overhead. The cosmetics line itself is manufactured by Adian Veidt, who is known as the superhero Ozymandias, and is one of the central figures in the story of Doomsday Clock as the world starts to head back down the path of mutually-assured destruction. With this in mind, one only wonders just what it is that would give someone like the Joker happy memories…

Doomsday Clock starts ticking on November 22, 2017.

Source: Gary Frank, Geoff Johns