Doug Liman Comments On ‘Gambit’ & The Challenges Of ‘Finding Its Unique Space’

Gambit Doug Liman

Director Doug Liman has had to drop out of a few films due to his scheduling, Justice League Dark being one of those films. However, Liman not too long ago decided to drop out of directing the Gambit film because he “wasn’t feeling” the script and didn’t have a connection to it at all.

Speaking with IGN, Liman spoke about how the superhero genre and how it’s overflowing with content, but that producer Simon Kinberg would make a good Gambit film.

“You know, it’s a crowded field of superhero films so the challenge for Gambit or any of those other movies is finding its unique space and its unique take. But, yeah, I think Simon Kinberg, who is producing it, is a great producer and he’ll create something great out of it.”

The Gambit project has felt like it’s been a long-time coming and it’s something that’s failed to get off the ground. Within the superhero universe, the character hasn’t made enough of a splash (he made his debut in X-Men Origins: Wolverine) and a solo film would have to really be able to pick up the slack if it’s going to include his origins. At this point, there’s no other director tied to the film, but Channing Tatum is still set to star. However, the possibility continues to be less likely if the project doesn’t pick up some steam soon.

What do you think about Liman’s comments? Do you think that the Gambit movie will ever get off the ground? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: IGN

10 Best Superhero Movie Moments Of The Past Decade

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Best Superhero Movie Moments Decade

It is extremely apparent over the last several years there has been a massive boom in the superhero film trend. The Marvel Cinematic Universe has been making their way to shape the modern superhero film in addition to what has been happening between Warner, Brothers, Fox, Sony and all of the other studios working to strike while it’s still hot. The films that have been released have been some of the best in the genre and they keep continuing to make more. They are also becoming more and more successful. Over the past decade some of these excellent examples have been made and each of these films has moments that help define the best of the genre. With a new era that includes DC characters and R-Rated fair it’s a perfect time to look back at the very best moments of these films over the past 10 years.

This list contains Spoilers from films from 2007-2017. With that said, here are 10 best superhero movie moments of the Last decade.

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