Get Your ‘Dredd’ Fix With This Fan Made Netflix Teaser Trailer


The need for more Dredd continues as the cult classic comicbook film continues on the quest for a sequel. In the meantime, fans get their Dredd fix where they can. Thanks to YouTuber Oliver Hollingdale of Sunnymeade Films, fans can imagine Dredd as a Netflix television show. Well, at least they can see a teaser of what the opening credits would look like.  Sadly, Netflix isn’t actually developing a show based on the comic, but fans can hope.

It’s not like people haven’t been trying. Dredd star Karl Urban has been shopping around new material in hopes of a sequel. A die-hard fan even started a petition for a sequel, which has garnered 75,000 signatures. Unfortunately, there has been no new developments on an upcoming sequel. The trouble comes from the film doing poorly at the U.S. and international box office. Made on a cool $50 million dollar budget, the film only brought in $35 million worldwide. Despite the studio loss, the film has become a cult classic having sold plenty of Blue-rays and DVDs. Still not enough to usher in a much-needed sequel.

Oliver Hollingdale does a great job with the opening sequence. It’s great the fans aim to keep hope alive as Dredd is easily one of the best comicbook adaptations of the last decade.


Valerie Complex

Valerie Complex

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