‘Spider-Man’: Drew Goddard On Why He’s Not Directing The Reboot

While attending the premiere of the Martian, Drew Goddard was asked why the Sinister Six film and directing the Spider-Man reboot never panned out.

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Drew Goddard has many ties to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. He’s a frequent collaborator of Joss Whedon’s and helped develop Marvel’s Netflix series Daredevil before dropping out of it to write and direct Sinister Six for Sony Pictures before the film was cancelled after The Amazing Spider-Man 2 received poor critical and financial results. While attending The Martian premiere, Goddard was asked by CinemaBlend why Sinister Six and directing the Spider-Man reboot never panned out.

“I mean, I think that’s more a question for them, but here’s the good news. I’ve worked with Marvel a lot. The way that Marvel sort of works is they say, ‘Hey, do you have an idea for… Here’s the movies we’re thinking about making…’ They sort of tell you the world what they’re thinking of making, and they sort of put out there, if you have an idea for any of these, come talk to us. And I think, with Spider-Man, I didn’t really have an idea. Part of that might have just been because I had just written one. I spent a year working on Sinister Six, and I think I was like in a head space where I just didn’t… you know, it’s very hard to say, ‘Ok, now write a new movie.’ So, it never got that far. We never, it never got taken that far. They know how much respect I have for them. They’ve been very nice to me over the years, and I know sooner or later, we’re going to find the right project. It’s all about timing.”

When Marvel Studios and Sony Pictures arranged their deal for Spider-Man to play with The Avengers in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, many thought Goddard would likely write and/or direct the upcoming reboot because of his ties to both studios. Needless to say that wasn’t the case as Jon Watts (Cop Car) and the writing team of John Francis Daley and Jonathan Goldstein (Vacation, Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2) have been selected to oversee the movie. Based on his comments, it does sound like Goddard was approached about the film and his experience with the Sinister Six film may have made him a bit apprehensive about tackling it.

Are you upset that Goddard did not end up making the Spider-Man reboot? Are you happy the gig didn’t go to him? Sound off in the comments below and let us know!

Source: CinemaBlend

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