‘Stranger Things’: The Duffer Brothers Tease The Future Of The Series

Warning: this article contains what some may consider a minor spoiler for the eighth episode of Stranger Things season 2.

Stranger ThingsWarning: this article contains what some may consider a minor spoiler for the eighth episode of Stranger Things 2.

Deadline recently paid a visit to the set of Stranger Things 2 which is currently in production on the final two episodes of the nine-episode second season and witnessed the filming of a scene at the now defunct Georgia Mental Health Institute which serves as the location for the Hawkins National Lab. The scene itself featured Sean Astin’s Bob Newby — the new boyfriend of Joyce Byers (Winona Ryder) — in a passageway surrounded bloody corpses as he shined a flashlight over them before nervously pushing forward down the passage.

Could Eleven have melted another batch of bad men’s brains into mush? Or could this have been the result of something from the upside down or maybe even the upside down itself? Only time will tell but Finn Wolfhard, the young actor behind the leader of the kids, Mike Wheeler, was on hand during the set visit and revealed a new interesting tidbit about Astin’s character.

The series which features a young set of characters — including Wolfhard’s Wheeler — inspired by the kids of both The Goonies and Stand By Me has added several new cast members including Astin who led the cast of The Goonies as Mikey and it turns out in Stranger Things 2, Astin’s Newby will not only be a father figure to Will (Noah Schnapp), but to the whole group of kids as well:

“They were showing The Goonies [on set] the other day. It was really funny to see Sean with braces as a kid, because he plays sort of a father figure for our group. I’ve asked him any and everything I could about that. He’s like an open book.”

As for the second season itself, Stranger Things 2 has been said to be bigger and darker than the first season but Ross Duffer, the series co-creator who developed and directed the series with his brother Matt Duffer, revealed that the new season will show a different side to the kids as it features them while they aren’t panicked like they were in the first season as they desperately searched for their lost friend:

“It gets bigger and bigger, this season. It’s even more intense. But it’s interesting because we get to spend some time with our characters when they’re not worried about their lost friend. We get to see some other sides to them upfront.”

On the future of the series, it was revealed earlier this year that Matt and Ross Duffer are planning four to five seasons of the Netflix smash hit. During the set visit, Matt explained that there is a plan in place but that they are open to discovering different paths the story could take along the way:

“You have a grand plan, but then you discover so much cool stuff on the day. But I feel like we tend to have guard rails set up, because we do know generally where we want to go. And then you get to play inside that.”

Ross explained that they have learned to be flexible as sometimes plans don’t necessarily pan out as they hoped but that there is an end to the series in mind and they are headed towards it:

“We’ve learned not to fight it as much. That you had this plan for where this character was going, and then you get here and you’re like, ‘Whoa, I don’t believe in it anymore.’ There is, though, an end goal in sight. We have a blinking light that we’re headed toward.”

Stranger Things 2 hits Netflix this Halloween. Stay tuned to Heroic Hollywood for the latest news on Stranger Things as we learn it.

Source: Deadline

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