Duncan Jones Has Ideas For ‘Green Lantern Corps’

Green Lantern Corps Hal JordanAfter new movement was made on Green Lantern Corps yesterday, Duncan Jones has chimed in on Twitter to steer the film in the right direction. Jones, director of Moon, Source Code, and more recently Warcraft, isn’t affiliated with the film, but still seems to want it done right.

Jones suggests the film make Hal Jordan a struggling character at odds with his lack of imagination. The director feels the struggle could make the Hal Jordan Green Lantern “Endearingly frustrating.”

“The hook in the “dumb jock” version of Green Lantern is that he has the power, but lacks the wits to use it. Endearingly frustrating.”

Perhaps the lack of a struggle for Hal Jordan, or perhaps the lack of emphasis on it in the first Green Lantern movie helped with its downfall. In the Ryan Reynolds film, the character certainly had some trouble being creative, but it was quickly overcome. The unimaginative side of Hal Jordan certainly wasn’t the crux of his character, who seemed simply like a pilot version of Bruce Wayne.

Duncan Jones however is in no way attached or interested in working on the the film, so his ideas may simply be wishes.

Green Lantern Corps is scheduled to hit theaters on July 24, 2020.

Source: CBR

Leon Brill

Leon Brill

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    This complaint sounds like it comes from someone who hasn’t read the comics. Lack of imagination was never Hal’s issue. He had to overcome great fear.

  • Kelly

    I wish he hadn’t been interested in Warcraft.

  • Monty

    I would go the other way with it. I would say make the main theme of the movie be that Hal is the most creative. Maybe even have that as a central story line that he could teach aliens to use their rings more creatively. I think that having humans as Lanterns should be a new concept to the Guardians, but because humans have a more active imagination than other aliens they become unique Lanterns.

  • Monty

    @samurai36:disqus I think if anything my comments have proven that humans have a definitive LACK of imagination. So perhaps my idea would not work given the evidence of the other comments. None of these folks would buy it because it’s “wrong” according to their own subjectivity. Ah well, lets just ask for another predictable crap movie then.

    • Monty

      Thanks for the backup!

  • Monty

    I think the human element is important in a Green Lantern movie. In order for the audience to clamp onto the film the humans NEED to be there. And the easiest way I can think of is the constructs. That’s all I’m saying. Per example, Riggs isn’t just a “normal” cop in Lethal Weapon. He’s super crazy and not afraid to die. And Murtaugh isn’t just another cop either. They both have a certain specialty. One runs in half-cocked and the other takes his time and gets the head shot while worrying desperately about his family. It’s a sad state that people keep demanding for two-dimensionality when film making could be a lot more if comic book fans would allow for some wiggle room.