Dwayne Johnson Delivers Christmas Message From Black Adam & Superman

Dwayne Johnson shares an image on Instagram of him celebrating Christmas over a drink with Henry Cavill, as the pair send holiday well wishes.

Dwayne Johnson

If you’ve ever wondered what your favorite DC heroes like to drink during the holiday season, Dwayne Johnson has just gifted you and answer via an image posted on his Instagram.

Dwayne Johnson, who has teased a role in the DC Extended Universe for some years now, is of course set to star as Black Adam in the upcoming DCEU entry Shazam in 2019. With this, as fans of the DCEU will be well aware, ever since he officially signed on to the film back in 2014, The Rock has been sprinkling reminders of his involvement with the project when and where he can, and it doesn’t looks like he plans on ending 2016 any different.

After sporting a t-shirt featuring the iconic Black Adam logo at the MTV Awards earlier this year, Dwayne Johnson is back at it again with an Instagram post of him celebrating Christmas over a drink with none other than the DCEU’s Superman, Henry Cavill. If the image alone wasn’t enough to remind you Johnson will be our big screen Black Adam come 2019, then the caption will certainly get you excited. You can view both the image and caption below:


Of course, 2019 is a little way off at the moment, but if you want to get your DC Extended Universe fix a little sooner then there’s no need to worry. Luckily, although he doesn’t appear in any released footage just yet, Cavill is more than likely set to reprise his role of Superman in next year’s Justice League, and before we even get to that there’s Wonder Woman hitting theaters on June 2, 2017 to look forward to.

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