Ed Brubaker Says He’s Sickened By ‘The Falcon and The Winter Soldier’ Ads

The writer says he makes more from his MCU cameo than for creating Winter Soldier.

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Comics legend Ed Brubaker explained why he’s sickened by both The Falcon and The Winter Soldier and Marvel Comics.

With audiences thrilled to see The Falcon and The Winter Soldier on their screens each week on Disney Plus, many fans are turning back to the source material and reading Ed Brubaker’s Captain America run which resurrected Bucky Barnes as the Winter Soldier. But the legendary writer recently explained on the Fatman Beyond podcast that he has hardly seen any profits from creating the character that has become so popular in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Although Ed Brubaker did point out that everyone at Marvel Studios has been nice to him.

“I’m really happy for Sebastian Stan, who I think is both a great guy and the perfect Bucky/Winter Soldier, and I’m glad to see him getting more screen time finally. Also, Anthony Mackie is amazing as the Falcon, and everyone at Marvel Studios that I’ve ever met (all the way up to Kevin Feige) have been nothing but kind to me. But at the same time, for the most part all Steve Epting and I have gotten for creating the Winter Soldier and his storyline is a ‘thanks’ here or there, and over the years that’s become harder and harder to live with.”

This is largely because comics writers and artists get paid for the work they did on that specific project rather than the rights to specific ideas and concepts because those are under the Marvel Comics banner. But Ed Brubaker also confessed that he made more from his Screen Actors Guild residuals for a cameo in Captain America: The Winter Soldier than he does for creating Bucky’s new persona. Ed Brubaker also explained that seeing ads for The Falcon and The Winter Soldier (which lifts specific elements from his run) makes him “feel sick.”

“I remember sitting in that movie and just remembering this Jack Kirby ulcer growing in my stomach going, ‘This is what it felt like, kid. When I see ads for [The Falcon and The Winter Soldier], it actually makes me feel sick to my stomach.”

What do you make of the writer’s situation? Should Marvel Comics pay creators more for using storylines and characters they create in Marvel Studios projects? Sound-off in the comments below.

Here is the official synopsis for the Marvel Studios series:

Following the events of “Avengers: Endgame,” Sam Wilson/Falcon (Anthony Mackie) and Bucky Barnes/Winter Soldier (Sebastian Stan) team up in a global adventure that tests their abilities—and their patience—in Marvel Studios’ “The Falcon and The Winter Soldier.”

Directed by Kari Skogland from scripts written by showrunner Malcolm Spellman and Derek Kolstad, the series stars Anthony Mackie as Sam Wilson / Falcon, Sebastian Stan as Bucky Barnes / The Winter Soldier, Emily VanCamp as Sharon Carter, Daniel Brühl as Baron Helmut Zemo, and Wyatt Russell as John Walker / U.S. Agent. Actors Desmond Chiam, Miki Ishikawa, Noah Mills, and Carl Lumbly have also been cast.

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Source: Fatman Beyond

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